12 Days

1Dec 25Partridge in a Pear TreeJesus’ Crucifixion
2Dec 26Two TurtledovesOld & New Testaments
3Dec 27Three French HensFaith, Hope & Love
4Dec 28Four Calling BirdsFour Gospels
5Dec 29Five Golden RingsBooks of Moses
6Dec 30Six Geese a-LayingSix Days of Creation
7Dec 31Seven Swans a-SwimmingSeven Hours of Prayer
8Jan 1Eight Maids a-MilkingEight Beatitudes
9Jan 2Nine Ladies DancingNine Fruits of the Holy Spirit
10Jan 3Ten Lord a-LeapingTen Commandments
11Jan 4Eleven Pipers PipingEleven Apostles
12Jan 5Twelve Drummers DrummingTwelve Points in the Apostles’ Creed