Wrestling with Theology

This web site combines the two great concentrations in my life: pro wrestling and theology.

I have been a pro wrestling fan since I was very little. I remember watching Memphis/Louisville wrestling with my grandfather at a very young age. Yes, professional wrestling is scripted. The outcome of many matches is often very obvious from the beginning. However, there have been many promoters and matchmakers throughout wrestling history who were able to wonderfully craft storylines involving the matches and the wrestlers involved. These storylines are what truly draws an old-school wrestling fan to the sport.

As a pastor, theology is a strong part of the foundation of my life. Theology is not just for pastors. Every single person is a theologian, whether they believe it or not. Many points of theology, called doctrines, have become points of contention throughout the centuries. These contentions, or even mild disagreements, give us pause to wrestle with the Scriptures and the theology that is innate in our sinful nature.

Wrestling and theology blend together because you might be surprised at the number of professional wrestlers who became pastors after their in-ring careers.

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