Podcast Episodes

The Wrestling with Theology podcast is a weekly discussion of topics involving theology and/or pro wrestling.

Weekly Episodes

Sunday Sermons

Sunday’s Sermons will be posted ASAP. Without a congregation to pastor at the moment, the sermons will be more sporadic, but I encourage you to check out Wrestling with Theology on Tour (below)!

Moments of Meditation

Moments of Meditation first appeared as weekday radio broadcasts on KJOE 106.1 FM in Slayton, MN, while I served as pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church. Upon my call to Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church in Robbinsdale, these devotions became part of the Wrestling with Theology podcast. These devotions are from the KJOE archive and will be posted every weekday at 8am.

Monday – Confessional Corner

What do Lutherans believe, teach and confess? It will all be covered here in the Confessional Corner. We will read through and study the Lutheran Confessions found in the Book of Concord.

Thursday – Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper is a 15-20 minute Bible study seeking to better understand what God says in His Word.

We are currently working through the book of Psalms.

Wednesday – Pro Wrestling America

Every longtime wrestling fan, or even a fan of wrestling of any length, has a desire for the opportunity to be able to book their own promotion. In the mid-1990s, the internet was flooded with e-wrestling federations, pro wrestling promotions run through e-mail. I successfully ran one for several years in this time. In the last several years, I have made several attempts to re-create one.

Pro Wrestling America (PWA) is one such promotion that is seeing a resurrection after more than a year in the dust. These episodes will go through the behind-the-scenes processes that go into booking a territory. PWA will have two monthly cards beginning in August 2020. The matches on the card will be highlighted through the episode, but it will also show what it takes to keep a successful wrestling promotion off the ropes.

Seasonal Programming

In different seasons of the Church Year, other programming will be posted that goes with the season.

General Interest

Apostolic Fathers

These episodes are an audio version of the pre-publication draft of a reader’s edition of The Apostolic Fathers that will hopefully be published between 2025 and 2030.

Common Ground

We often like to distinguish between people and groups based on the differences between them. These episodes seek to help us understand each other better by seeing what we have in common.

We begin by looking at the Catechism of the Catholic Church for what Common Ground Lutherans have with Roman Catholics.

Christ in the Old Testament Sacrifices

One of the easiest and most graphic ways to find Christ’s work of atonement in the Old Testament is through the sacrifices outlined in Leviticus 1-7.