12 Days Commandments

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God's Law is best summarized in the Decalogue. The Ten Words. The Ten Commandments. Upon these, the entirety of God's moral Law is based.

These Ten Commandments have served as the basic building blocks of morality in society for centuries. The biggest problem with the Ten Commandments is that we cannot follow them perfectly. Every day we fail to keep at least one of them. The second biggest problem is that the Commandments cannot save us. Even if we could keep all of them, we would still need Jesus for salvation. Our nature is so completely corrupted that it cannot stand before God.

But Jesus came in the flesh to fulfill the Law in its entirety for all of us. Because we cannot keep any of them, Jesus fulfilled all of them. By faith in His fulfillment, we are able to live without the pressure of seeking perfection in God's eyes. He has declared us righteous because of Jesus' life and death. We are able to rejoice in the fact that when we break the commandments, we can run to Jesus and repent. He will forgive. Not giving us a license to sin but assuring us of His forgiving love. Amen.