Confessional Corner: No Public Dispute (SD XI 1-44)

Among the theologians of the Augsburg Confession there has not yet arisen any public dispute at all about the eternal election of God’s children that caused offense and has become widespread. Yet this article has been brought into very
painful controversy in other places. Even among our theologians there has been some agitation about it. Futhermore, the theologians did not always use the same expressions. By the help of divine grace, we want to prevent disagreement and separation in the future among our successors on account of this teaching. Therefore, as much as in us lies, we want to present an explanation of this teaching here. Then everyone may know what our unanimous doctrine, faith, and
confession is also on this article. For the teaching about this article–if taught from, and according to, the pattern of the divine Word–neither can nor should be regarded as useless or unnecessary, much less as offensive or harmful. For the Holy Scriptures not just in one place or randomly, but in many places, thoroughly discuss and explain this teaching. Furthermore, we should not neglect or reject the teaching of the divine Word because of abuse and misunderstanding. But for that very reason, the true meaning should and must be explained from the foundation of the Scriptures in order to turn away all abuse and misunderstanding. (SD XI 1-3)






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