October Podcast of the Month!!

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Each month, I will cross-post an episode from another podcast which I have named the Podcast of the Month at Our Savior. This month’s podcast is History That Doesn’t Suck.

History That Doesn’t Suck is a bi-weekly American History podcast by Professor Greg Jackson from Utah Valley University. He takes us on a chronological journey through storytelling.

In this episode, he is speaking with Ken Burns about his upcoming film The American Buffalo, which will premiere on PBS tonight (10/16).

Some refer to Ken Burns as a historian, but he would be quick to tell you that he considers himself a storyteller.

His latest documentary The American Buffalo is a sort of biography of the American bison, or the buffalo as they are more commonly known. The fact is, we would only know of buffaloes from history books if it weren’t for a collective effort to save this species from the brink of extinction in the late 19th century. It’s a remarkable story of how conservationists and hunters alike pulled together to repair some of what had been pulled apart by unchecked slaughter and displacement of wildlife and indigenous peoples.

More can be found about HTDS at https://htdspodcast.com

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