Tag: Christmas

  • Readings: Christmas Day

    The Living and Life-Giving Word of God Dwells among Us in the Flesh In the beginning God created all things through His Word, His Son. But man fell into sin, […]

  • Readings: Christmas Dawn

    The Birth of the Good Shepherd Is Proclaimed to the Shepherds The first ones to visit the infant Lord Jesus are lowly shepherds (Luke 2:15–20), for Christ came that the […]

  • Readings: Christmas Midnight

    The Light of Christ Shines Forth in the Darkness Heaven and earth rejoice on this night because the glory of the Triune God is manifested in the human birth of […]

  • Readings: Christmas Eve

    The Word of the Lord Is Fulfilled in the Flesh of Jesus Though Ahaz would not ask, the Lord gives a sign to the house of David, that “the Virgin […]