• 1973 Wrestling Videos

    January 15, 1973 Moondog Mayne vs Pedro Morales June 30, 1973 WWWF World Heavyweight Title Match Pedro Morales vs George Steele July 21, 1973 Bill Watts vs Mr. […]

  • 1972 Wrestling Videos

    February 8, 1972 Dory Funk Jr. vs Jack Brisco May 19, 1972 Funk Brothers vs Giant Baba & Seiji Sakaguchi August 8, 1972 Memphis No-DQ Hair vs Hair […]

  • 1970 Wrestling Videos

    March 3, 1970 Fritz von Erich vs Giant Baba August 2, 1970 Dory Funk Jr. vs Antonio Inoki December 1, 1970 Giant Baba & Antonio Inoki vs Johnny […]

  • Non-Denominational Roller Coaster

    Listen to the presentation here. Presented at the Higher Things Conference in Valparaiso, IN (July 25-28, 2017) Introduction If you have a friend who belongs to a Bible-believing, non-denominational church, […]

  • Unionism and Syncretism

    WHAT CAN WE DO?CHURCH & SOCIAL FELLOWSHIP IN THE LCMS The recent Board decision to rent space to a Liberian congregation of a Pentecostal bent has brought about the question […]

  • Wrestling Pastors

    This list is not a complete and exhaustive list. Some of these may have just gotten an online ordination without having an actual congregation as well. Marc Mero Ted DiBiase […]

  • Storylines: Favorites and Most Hated

    Best Loved Storylines 1. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Vince McMahon Is there anything more red-blooded American than contempt for your boss? So when a storyline comes along where a […]

  • WWT on Tour!

    June 21 Three Strands Lutheran Parish, Pipestone/Trosky, MN July 5 Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Marshall, MN July 19 King of Glory Lutheran Church, Blaine, MN July 26 Lutheran Church of […]

  • Plagues against the Egyptian Gods

    God’s plagues against Egypt weren’t just shows of power. They were targeted at some of the major gods and goddesses of Egyptian mythology. Below is a list of the plagues […]

  • Pre-1970 Wrestling Videos

    Here can be found some classic wrestling clips from before 1970. 1950 Lou Thesz vs Buddy Rogers January 26, 1951 Lou Thesz vs Buddy Rogers 1951 Karl Gotch […]