Hated Managers

1. Downtown Bruno/Harvey Wippleman

Downtown Bruno was just Memphis’ most annoying person. People can’t believe that there is someone more annoying than “The Mouth of the South.” They apparently haven’t watched Memphis wrestling.

The lowest point in Harvey’s career was his WWE Women’s Title win over Miss Kitty on 1/31/00 in a Lumberjill Snow Bunny match. He lost the title the next night against Jacqueline, who had a great managerial feud against him in CWA for many years as Miss Texas.

2. Jimmy Hart

“The Mouth of the South” was a great annoyance to anyone with ears. His early feuds with Jerry Lawler made him a household name in Memphis. He managed many WWE superstars throughout his years. But for each one, he was hard on the ears.

3. Lou Albano

Albano was a fat slob of a man who looked like he just stumbled drunk off a pirate ship. Pick him for a wrestling manager? I don’t think so.

4. Jim Cornette

Cornette is the ultimate whiny manager. His loud clothing also made me want to adjust my television set. While I loved the Midnight Express as wrestlers, they could have done better with a different or no manager.

5. Debra McMichael

What was Debra’s purpose as a manager? Then again, what was her first husband’s purpose in wrestling? Finally, Debra becomes a beauty queen turned wrestling manager who enjoys flashing her wrestlers’ opponents.

6. Paul Bearer

While I loved Moody as Percy Pringle III, I couldn’t stand him as Paul Bearer. The kooky, ghost-like funeral director angle was interesting in the beginning. The interest faded quickly. The more they pushed the envelope, the more I disliked the gimmick.

7. Bill Alfonso

Why would you have a manager who loved blowing a whistle? It was annoying when Kevin Sullivan was the Gamesmaster. Alfonso took it to a completely different level. Thankfully I only had to put up with him the little bit that ECW was on Spike.

8. Sunny

Sunny was one of those women who wanted to be Missy Hyatt, but she couldn’t do it. ECW may have probably been her greatest moments.

9. Ronny P. Gossett

Gossett was a con man who ran his life throughout what he could get out of the wrestlers around him. His character was horrible. It didn’t help that his name was synonymous with a used car dealership in Memphis.

10. Gary Hart

Gary Hart was a wrestling genius. He was one of the heel managers that you could actually hate. But it wasn’t enough to put him on the favorite list.

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