WWT #111 – Pro Wrestling America from Cleveland, OH!!!

February 10, 2021
Rocket Mortgage Field House
Cleveland, OH

Arrival: Iron Mike Sharpe, Rick Rude, Ross & Marshall Von Erich, Chris Candido, Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler vs Iron Mike Sharpe

Both wrestlers return to the PWA with slight irritation on my part. Lawler sought to build his own promotion in Memphis again, but no one would sign with him. Sharpe simply wanted more money and guaranteed title reigns. He didn’t get them in his renegotiated contract, but he agreed to wrestle again with the PWA.

Lawler pins Sharpe with a piledriver after moving away from Sharpe’s charge into the corner.

Decision: Jerry Lawler (6:42)

Terry Gordy vs Billy Gunn

Gunn wins with a flying dropkick after hotshotting Gordy into the turnbuckle.

Decision: Billy Gunn (6:27)

#1 Contender for Television Title Match: ‘Dirty’ Dutch Mantell vs Michael Hayes

Hayes receives some help from Gordy as Mantell tries to hang him over the top rope with the bullrope while the referee is down. Freebird spike piledriver for the pin.

Decision: Michael Hayes (5:06)

Chris Candido & Rick Rude vs Curt Hennig & Goldust

Candido and Rude made their PWA debut with a great showing against the floundering team of Hennig and Goldust. There have been some serious issues between these two in the last month.

Decision: Candido & Rude (8:57)

Television Title Match: Brickhouse Brown (c) vs Michael Hayes

The match broke down after Mantell, Gordy and Iceman got involved. The referee simply threw the whole match out. Brown gets to keep the title.

Decision: NO CONTEST (6:02)

Austin Idol vs ‘Gentleman’ Chris Adams

Adams claims a win in this “gentleman’s feud” with the Superkick after a hard fought battle. Idol had several chances to force Adams to submit to the Las Vegas Leg Lock, but Adams was always too close to the ropes.

Decision: Chris Adams (26:47)

Dangerous Duo vs Von Erich Brothers

Ross and Marshall made an impressive PWA debut until Douglas knocked Marshall out with the ring bell to get a cheap win.

Decision: Dangerous Duo (6:49)

Steve Corino vs Jushin Liger

Corino quickly got tired of Liger’s acrobatics and threw him over the top rope to get the DQ. Liger came back as Corino was arguing with the referee and sent him into the turnbuckle with a flying corkscrew headscissors. Liger left the ring with the win and the cheers of the crowd.

Decision: Jushin Liger, DQ (2:48)

Iceman King Parsons & Brickhouse Brown vs Fabulous Freebirds

As the evening progressed, a tag team match was needed between the two teams. Iceman took advantage of everyone else’s battle fatigue to have a long stay in the ring, but he was never able to put the match away. Gordy got the win over Brickhouse with the Oriental Spike.

Decision: Freebirds (41:22)

American Heavyweight Title Match: Great Muta (c) vs Jimmy Golden

Muta and Golden had a wonderful match. There were only a couple of near falls in the match. Both men seemed to want to make sure the match was over before going for the pin. Golden went for a flying headbutt, but Muta rolled out of the way. Muta rolled him over for the pin to retain the title.

Decision: Great Muta (48:52)

BREAKING NEWS!! PWA World champion Sting appeared on Big Time Wrestling’s February 13 Superstar Wrestling broadcast. He challenged BTW World champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley to a title unification match on February 24 in Indianapolis. Guess who will be in Indianapolis on February 24!!

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