WWT #100: PWA Card 11/25/20 (Fargodome, Fargo, ND)

Leaving: Skandar Akbar

The Extreme Horsemen come out to the ring as the program begins. Corino announces his tag team partner for tonight’s match against GenThree would be the newest member of the Extreme Horsemen. When asked who the newest member is, Corino says that everyone will find out at match time. They also announced their intention to put an end to the feud with GenThree so that they can focus on the domination of the PWA by holding every title in the PWA. Corino put Stone Cold and the Dangerous Duo especially on notice as the World champions. They leave the ring to the boos of the crowd.

Sawyer Brothers vs ‘Dirty’ Dutch Mantell & Terry Gordy

Mantell brings Gordy out as a tag team partner to “keep an eye” on Brett while he took care of Buzz. The Sawyer Brothers prove to be the better tag team through their chemistry as a tag team. Mantell tries to take the burden of the match. Gordy gets fed up with not being in the ring for the first fifteen minutes of the match. Buzz shoves Mantell back into his own corner. Gordy tags himself in. Buzz ducks a running clothesline from Gordy. When Gordy bounces off the opposite ropes, Buzz drops to the mat. Gordy stops just short of Mantell and the bullrope. Gordy tells Mantell to leave the ring. That he’s got it. Mantell refuses and tells Gordy to grab Buzz. The Sawyers just stand in their corner, watching their opponents. The referee tries to remove Mantell from the ring, but Mantell shoves him out of the way. Gordy nails Mantell with the Oriental Spike and then piledrives him in the middle of the ring. Gordy motions for Buzz to cover Mantell as he leaves the ring. Buzz tags in Brett, who gets launched into a flying splash onto Mantell for the pin.

Decision: Sawyer Brothers (18:23)

Lacey von Erich vs Annie Social

The women come out next to show off their abilities in the ring. Their two differing styles were evident from Lacey coming out in a lacy (pun completely intended) outfit. Annie came out in a t-shirt and jeans. I had told both the Extreme Horsemen and GenThree that the men were not allowed to be involved in the women’s matches without facing severe consequences beginning with suspension.

In this ten-minute match, both women have great opportunities to shine. Lacey tries to put Annie away with the Discus Punch, but Annie ducks it and counters with a back suplex. Annie comes off the ropes with an Asai moonsault, but Lacey kicks out. Lacey takes control of the match again, but Annie gets a moment to breathe as she tosses Lacey outside the ring. Annie slingshots herself over the top rope onto Lacey. The referee (who I’ll eventually pick at some point) gets them back into the ring. Annie goes for the Social Disorder, but Lacey shoves her into the turnbuckle. Annie staggers out, and Lacey applies the Iron Claw. Annie refuses to submit, but she can’t get out of it and ends up being pinned.

Decision: Lacey von Erich (9:35)

Mixed Tag Team Match: Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Nattie Neidhart vs Curtis Axel & Madusa Miceli

In the PWA’s first mixed tag team match, we have the hot feud between the Extreme Horsemen and GenThree cranking up to another gear. Although the match was supposed to be fought under traditional mixed tag rules, Axel keeps Nattie in the ring instead of letting her tag in Chavo. About the twelve-minute mark in the match, the women are battling in the ring. Madusa has Nattie tied up in the ropes next to Axel. Madusa distracts the referee while Axel applies a dragon sleeper on Nattie. Chavo comes around the ring to help out his tag team partner. Chavo pulls Axel off the ring apron, and Nattie slides out from the ropes. Madusa hits Nattie with a bridging German suplex, but Nattie kicks out. Chavo and Axel continue to battle outside the ring.

Justin Credible runs down the aisle and climbs the turnbuckle. Lacey runs down the aisle after him and shoves him off the turnbuckle. Credible’s elbow grazes Madusa’s head. Nattie nails her with the Discus clothesline to get the pin.

Everything breaks down until all of the Extreme Horsemen and GenThree are in the ringside area. Security heads down to the ring, but as they get there the lights go out! When the lights come back on, only the security forces are standing. All of the Horsemen and all of GenThree are laid out flat. What was that all about?

Decision: Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Nattie Neidhart (15:08)

Television Title Match: Brickhouse Brown (c) vs Moondog Spot

Moondog Spot had won the right to be the #1 contender for Brickhouse Brown’s Television Title through a battle royale last Saturday night in Wahpeton, ND. Before the match, Brown was asked about having to face the former World Tag Team champion one-on-one. Brown sounded confident in his ability to keep the belt against the larger man.

Spot tries to take advantage of his size from the opening bell. Downtown Bruno makes himself known throughout the match as well. Any time Brown gets any sense of momentum, Bruno would insert himself into the match. Finally, Sunshine has enough of Bruno’s distractions. She sneaks up on him and dropkicks him into the ring post.

Brown gains an advantage around the eleven-minute mark in the match, but he is never able to put Spot away. Spot tries for a falling splash off the top rope, but he gets tangled up trying to climb the turnbuckle. Brown gets up and takes him down with a Samoan drop off the middle turnbuckle. He starts to crawl over to cover Spot when the bell rings. The time limit has expired. Brown keeps the title with the draw, but even he has to admit that he barely survived with the belt.

Decision: TIME LIMIT DRAW (15:00)

Throughout the card, up until the lights went out after the mixed tag team match, people had been trying to get Corino to reveal the name of the newest member of the Extreme Horsemen. Corino continued to refuse to answer the question. After the blackout, the Extreme Horsemen had been locked away in their dressing room. No one had heard anything from them in the twenty minutes prior to the scheduled tag team match. As GenThree recovered from the mysterious attack, they were very adamant that the Horsemen were behind the blackout and would pay for the blood that had been spilled already.

Non-Title Match: GenThree vs Extreme Horsemen
Flex Kavana and Jimmy Golden represent GenThree in this match. Corino comes out only with Madusa. Kavana and Golden again try to get Corino to reveal his partner, but Corino simply tells the referee to ring the bell. He wants the match to start.

The match begins as a handicap match, with Flex and Golden tagging in and out. Credible comes out at one point, but Madusa sends him back to the dressing room. Corino manages to get an advantage over Golden for a moment, but he loses it thanks to a blind tag from Flex. Golden hops over the top rope on the other side of the ring. Corino challenges him to get back into the ring, but Flex picks him up from behind with an atomic drop. Flex and Golden continue to dominate Corino and bust him open. They don’t even bother looking for a pin fall.

At the fifteen-minute mark, Terry Funk comes out to the ring with his branding iron. Bobby Heenan comes running out after him, asking him what he’s doing. Funk nails Heenan in the stomach with the branding iron and piledrives him on the entry platform. Funk makes his way down to the ring as Flex and Golden turn to see what the crowd is reacting to.

Corino nails Golden from behind with a running kneelift. Golden falls out of the ring. Flex grabs Corino by the hair and slams his head into the turnbuckle. Funk chokes Golden with the branding iron. Flex whips Corino across the ring. As he charges the corner, Corino moves out of the way. Flex slams into the turnbuckle. Corino takes him down with a Russian leg sweep as he stumbles out of the corner.

Once Golden passes out, Funk climbs onto the ring apron. Corino extends his hand, and Funk gladly tags himself into the match. Corino picks Flex up for a Northern Lights powerbomb. Funk joins in with a neckbreaker as Corino throws Flex down. Funk takes the branding iron and jabs Flex in the forehead with it. Funk continues to tear at the gash on Flex’s forehead. Nattie and Lacey come down to the ring to revive Golden, but he is unresponsive and has to be taken back to the dressing room. Flex is now left to battle in a handicap match. The match finally ends with a spike piledriver by the Extreme Horsemen and Corino covering Flex for the pin.

Decision: Extreme Horsemen (22:14)

Jushin Liger vs Great Kabuki

This match showcases two of the greatest Japanese wrestlers to spend a great deal of time in the US. Kabuki tries to gain an advantage early by misting Liger, but he faces a problem. Liger wears a mask. Kabuki’s mist misses its mark. Liger is able to take control of the match and win with the Thunder Fire Power Bomb.

Decision: Jushin Liger (5:11)

Billy Gunn vs Jesse James Armstrong

In what may become one of the great PWA feuds in 2021, the two men who truly made D-X to be the stable it was fought against each other. The match was given a thirty-minute time limit. However much these two tried to get the crowd into it, they weren’t buying it too much. It almost seemed that the fans were still holding onto the Extreme Horsemen-GenThree feud. Armstrong wins the match with a pump handle slam.

Decision: Jesse James Armstrong (21:33)

World Tag Team Titles Match: Goldust & Curt Hennig vs Dangerous Duo (c)

The newly-crowned World Tag Team champions face their first defense against men whom they have been feuding in singles matches. Curt Hennig and Christopher Daniels have torn into each other in multiple matches since the PWA’s debut. Goldust and Shane Douglas have just recently begun their feud. With the Dangerous Duo having the World Tag Team Titles, why not combine both feuds into one? What could go wrong?

Hennig and Goldust show a surprising amount of chemistry in their tag team. However, Daniels and Douglas are able to take advantage against Goldust early on and keep him cut off from Hennig’s corner. When Goldust is able to make the tag, the referee refuses to allow it because Douglas is distracting him. The Dangerous Duo successfully defend their titles when Daniels pins Goldust after the Best Moonsault Ever.

Decision: Dangerous Duo (13:14)

Loser Leaves PWA Lumberjack Strap Match: ‘Gentleman’ Chris Adams vs ‘Mr. Electricity’ Steve Regal

Ever since Regal turned on Adams during their World Tag Team Titles defense against the Dangerous Duo, the two have been trying to settle the score as to who gets to be the #1 contender to reclaim the titles that Regal threw away. Since they made this match a “Loser Leaves PWA” match, I declared that there must be a winner for this match.

Especially over the last couple of weeks, these two have not been able to keep the match in the ring. Earlier in the card, I also declared that the match would be a lumberjack match. After the blackout, I decided to up the stakes even more. I decided to put leather straps in the lumberjacks’ hands. Any time the wrestlers fall, or are thrown, out of the ring, the lumberjacks will hit them with the straps until the wrestler climbs back into the ring. The most infamous of these matches took place in at the 3rd annual Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions in 1986.

The lumberjacks included everyone previously on the card. The Extreme Horsemen and GenThree took up position on the north and south sides of the ring. The women also had straps. On the west side of the ring, the lumberjacks were the Sawyer Brothers, Dangerous Duo, Moondog Spot, Billy Gunn and Jesse James Armstrong. On the east side of the ring, the lumberjacks were Terry Gordy, Dutch Mantell, Jushin Liger, Great Kabuki, Brickhouse Brown, Goldust and Curt Hennig. The placement of the lumberjacks will play a part in the match.

Adams comes out with his own strap. The Sawyer Brothers part ways for him to climb the ring steps to get into the ring. The Extreme Horsemen try to take shots at him from the floor. Regal comes out and sees the ring completely surrounded by people. He begins to turn around and head back to the dressing room, but I bar his way. He has words with me as he walks backwards down the aisle into Billy Gunn’s waiting arms. Gunn rolls him into the ring.

Regal gets up to yell at Gunn, but Adams hits him across the back with his strap. Regal turns around. Adams goes for a superkick, but Regal steps out onto the ring apron. Buzz lashes him. Regal steps back into the ring. The referee takes away Adams’ strap and tells the two to lock up.

The match goes on for about ten minutes with both wrestlers being thrown out of the ring, at the feet of those who would strap them the hardest. After eight minutes of the match, both men’s backs are covered in welts. Regal catches a break after Adams whips him into the ropes. Adams telegraphs a superkick, which Regal avoids by holding onto the ropes and seeking safety from Mantell and Kabuki. They supply him with that much needed respite, but it is short-lived as GenThree comes around the corner to brawl with the east-side lumberjacks. Goldust throws Regal back into the ring.

Regal starts yelling at Goldust, but Adams is waiting to take him down with a hip toss into a leg scissors armbar in the middle of the ring. Sunshine slides her strap into the ring. Gordy takes issue with it on the outside, but Adams gets his fingers on it. Adams lashes Regal’s prone back until the referee takes the strap away. Adams starts to argue with the referee, but Corino climbs onto the ring apron. Corino lashes at Adams, but he misses. Adams goes to superkick Corino, but Corino drops to the floor. Regal comes from behind with a running kneelift that puts Adams at the Extreme Horsemen’s feet. The Horsemen lash Adams mercilessly until Sawyers and Dangerous Duo come over to throw Adams back into the ring. Regal waits for Adams to get up and applies a sleeper. Adams manages to keep his feet and drive Regal backwards into the turnbuckle. Regal’s already bloodied back receives a couple of lashes from Brett as Adams whips him across the ring. Regal staggers out of the corner into a superkick that connects right under the chin. Adams makes the cover and gets the pinfall to force Regal out of the PWA forever.

Decision: ‘Gentleman’ Chris Adams (13:40)

As the program ends, the ringside area breaks into a brawl until the lights go out again. When the lights come on, GenThree is missing and the Extreme Horsemen have been laid out again. What is going on with these lights? Hopefully we will find out more when we get back together for Pro Wrestling America in December!

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