PWA Card – 11/11/20

November 11, 2020
Sanford Pentagon
Sioux Falls, SD

Incoming: Jimmy Golden, Billy Gunn, Madusa Miceli, Lacey von Erich
Leaving: Undertaker, Kendall Windham, Dirty White Boy, Captain Lou Albano

Nattie Neidhart & Lacey von Erich (w/ Flex Kavana) vs Madusa Miceli & Annie Social (w/ Steve Corino)

Nattie and Annie brought in reinforcements over Halloween weekend. Their match on Halloween ended in a double DQ because of interference by Madusa and Lacey. I put the four women together in order to make sure there wasn’t any outside interference.
Madusa and Annie were accompanied to the ring by Corino. Nattie and Lacey brought Flex out with them. Both men tried to stay out of the match, but it broke down rather quickly. Corino got himself involved as Lacey was tied up in the ropes. The referee called for the bell, giving Nattie and Lacey the DQ win. Flex came to Lacey’s rescue, but it boiled down into a brawl between the Extreme Horsemen and GenThree. Security came down and broke it up after a few minutes. Many words were exchanged between the two stables. The American Tag Team Titles Match later in the evening is looking to be quite a doozy!
Decision: Nattie Neidhart & Lacey von Erich, DQ (5:13)

Billy Gunn (w/ Sunshine) vs Brett Wayne Sawyer
Billy Gunn made his PWA debut in a traditional squash match against Brett Wayne Sawyer. Sunshine came out to the ring with him as her newest acquisition. She was going to make a name for herself as the best valet/manager in the PWA through the talent she would sign and represent.
Decision: Billy Gunn (4:21)

Gunn went on to cut a promo against Sting and Eddie Gilbert, challenging the winner of tonight’s main event to a title match on the next podcast.

Buzz Sawyer came out and cut a promo against Dutch Mantell. These two had been going at each other for most of the PWA’s existence. Mance Warner interrupts Buzz’s promo, saying that he needs to be more worried about who he’s facing tonight.

Buzz Sawyer vs Mance Warner
As Mance makes his way to the ring, Buzz goes on the offensive. The two battle for seven minutes before Mantell storms the ring and attacks Buzz. The referee calls for the bell. Mance comes to Buzz’s rescue, but Dutch throws him out of the ring. Dutch rolls Buzz under the bottom rope. He wraps the bullrope around Buzz’s throat and starts to hang him over the top rope. Brett comes down to make the save as Mance makes his way back into the ring. Dutch flees the ring, but he vows, “This isn’t over!”
Decision: Buzz Sawyer, DQ (7:31)

Jimmy Golden came out to cut a promo in his debut in the PWA. He talked about how nothing has ever changed with ‘Dirty’ Dutch Mantell. He challenged Dutch to a match so that Golden could clean up the PWA roster of its “dirty players.” Dutch came out and quickly agreed.

‘Dirty’ Dutch Mantell vs Jimmy Golden
Dutch and Golden brawled in and out of the ring, even getting the fans involved at some points. We might consider not allowing alcoholic beverages in the ringside area. The fans just don’t get to drink them. Golden gained the advantage in the match after spitting beer into Dutch’s eyes and slamming his head into the ringpost. Golden rolled Dutch into the ring and finished him off with a piledriver in the middle of the ring for the pin.
Decision: Jimmy Golden (7:52)

Doug Gilbert appeared in the backstage interview area by himself. The interviewer asked about Heenan’s absence. Doug said that Heenan was having car trouble that didn’t matter to the rest of the world. Doug would be able to put away Brickhouse Brown without Heenan’s guidance, just as he had done to Iceman. He didn’t need any help defeating jabronies like them. He walked off.

A moment later, the same interviewer caught up with Brickhouse as he prepared for his Television Title shot. Brickhouse explained that Doug’s defeat of Iceman was the most scandalous match in PWA history. Brickhouse vowed to restore honor to the Television Title by taking it away from Doug with a quick, clean victory. He referenced that Iceman MIGHT come back if Doug weren’t champion and walked off.

Television Title Match: ‘Dangerous’ Doug Gilbert (c) vs Brickhouse Brown
Doug and Brickhouse tore into each other early on in the match. Doug had the advantage early, but Brickhouse was able to capitalize on a few moments of distraction. Doug seemed to be rather lost without Heenan in his corner. Brickhouse dominated the last five minutes of the match, getting the pin fall with a bridging back suplex.
Decision: Brickhouse Brown (13:35) NEW CHAMPION

‘Mr. Electricity’ Steve Regal vs ‘Gentleman’ Chris Adams
Regal and Adams fought a traditional thirty-minute broadway, wrestling slang for a time limit draw. Both of them tried to gain an advantage over the other, but they weren’t able to get the victory. When the time limit expired, they were still trying to find a way to win the match. Neither was very satisfied with the ending.
After the match, Regal grabbed the microphone and challenged Adams to a “Loser Leaves PWA” match on the 25th at the Fargodome. Adams readily accepted. There will still be matches between these two on the house cards leading up to that match in two weeks. That match will be an interesting match to book.
Decision: Time Limit Draw (30:00)

American Tag Team Titles Match: Extreme Horsemen (c) vs GenThree
Corino and Credible came out to represent the Horsemen. Axel, Madusa and Annie were in their corner. Flex and Chavo represented GenThree. Nattie and Lacey were in their corner. The match was well-scripted so that Corino ended the match with a clean pin fall victory over Chavo.
After the match, a brawl broke out as Axel climbed into the ring and began stomping on Chavo. All four women became involved in a brawl outside the ring. The Horsemen had the advantage in numbers until Jimmy Golden came down to even the odds. The brawl ended as the Horsemen spilled out of the ring. Axel and Credible grabbed Annie and Madusa, hauling them back up the aisle toward the dressing room. Flex, Chavo and Golden stood in the middle of the ring with their arms raised, but the Horsemen walked out with the belts.
Decision: Extreme Horsemen (11:16)

The interviewer caught up with Eddie Gilbert backstage, looking for a few words before his main event challenge for the American Heavyweight Title. It’s an insightful promo as Gilbert vows to never challenge Sting for the title if he cannot win tonight. When the interviewer asks about Heenan, Eddie grabs him by the collar and tells him to never question the Brain or his whereabouts. Gilbert releases him and begins his walk to the ring.

American Heavyweight Title Match: Sting (c) vs ‘Hot Stuff’ Eddie Gilbert
As the challenger, Eddie gets to the ring first. When Sting’s music begins to play, he appears at the entryway with a microphone to make his own promo about Eddie’s promises. Sting has been asking around about Heenan, but no one has seen him anywhere. Sting accepts Eddie’s stipulation that he will never challenge for the title again after tonight because Eddie has never been able to beat Sting without Heenan’s help. Sting holds up the title as he walks to the ring, telling Eddie to take a good look at it because it’s the last time he will see it.
Sting climbs onto the ring apron. Eddie rushes him, but Sting counters with a shoulderblock. Sting slingshots himself into the ring, tumbles into a run into the opposite ropes and nearly decapitates Eddie with a clothesline. The two brawl inside and outside the ring. The referee basically turns a blind eye to about every rule infraction.
Both men have many near falls during the first forty minutes of the match. The tide turned to Eddie’s favor for good when he moved out of the way of a Stinger Splash. Sting’s head hit the ringpost, cutting his forehead open. Eddie punches Sting’s forehead a few times to further open the gash. Sting shoves him across the ring. Eddie hits the opposite turnbuckle chestfirst. Eddie digs into his tights and pulls out a chain. He wraps it around his fist as Sting goes into the corner. Sting whips him across the ring. Eddie jumps onto the middle turnbuckle and leaps back with a flying punch to Sting’s forehead. Eddie hides the chain as he crawls over to cover Sting to get the pin fall, the victory and the title belt.
Eddie quickly leaves the ring as Doug comes down to congratulate him. The brothers celebrate in the aisle as Sting sits up, rubbing his forehead. Sting glares at Eddie, as the brothers laugh at him. Eddie holds up the belt. They turn around and Heenan is at the entrance applauding. The episode ends with the brothers looking at their manager with a bit of irritation.
Decision: Eddie Gilbert (45:15) NEW CHAMPION

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