WWT #96 – Pro Wrestling America (10/28/20)

October 28, 2020
Young Arena
Waterloo, IA


Iron Mike Sharpe leaves the PWA.

Bobo Brazil and S.D. Jones have signed a tag team contract with the PWA. Nattie Neidhart and Annie Social have signed to begin the PWA’s women’s division.


Moondog Spot vs Kendall Windham

The opening match of the card had newcomer Kendall Windham take on the leader of the Moondogs. Spot took control of the match quickly to give Windham his first loss in the PWA with a pin at 4:52.

‘Dirty’ Dutch Mantell vs Buzz Sawyer

The second match had the continuation of the feud between Dutch Mantell and Buzz Sawyer. This match was designed to go the full time limit because there is no real way to hold these two wrestlers into a clean decision within ten minutes. Both wrestlers had great moments throughout the match. Buzz almost had a pin fall right before the time limit expired, but he needed at least another minute to put Mantell away.

GenThree (Flex Kavana and Chavo Guerrero Jr.) came out to cut a promo against the Extreme Horsemen before their American Tag Team Titles match later in the card. They were cut short by the Extreme Horsemen, who said they shouldn’t even be allowed to have a title shot. The win two weeks earlier was only a fluke because of the “Mystery Partner” angle. Security came out to keep the two teams separated, but the tension in the air definitely increased the excitement for the match later in the card.

Great Kabuki vs Goldust

The third match had two of the most enigmatic wrestlers in the PWA face off against each other. Kabuki has always been considered one of the most unpredictable wrestlers of the 80s. Goldust took up that mantle for the 90s. The two battled fairly evenly for the first five minutes of the match, but Goldust gained the advantage and won after the Curtain Call at 6:31.

#1 Contender Match for Television Title: Brickhouse Brown vs Mance Warner

The Television Title Division is the largest division in the PWA. I have always enjoyed those wrestlers who brought together the middle of the card. They really only had a shot for titles back in the territorial days when every state had a title. For the Georgia and Mid-Atlantic territories, the Television Title gave the midcarders a chance to be champions themselves, but they were typically used as a backup title for the fringe of the Main Event staff.

In this #1 Contender Match, the two highest-ranked wrestlers in the division not involved in this week’s title match were paired off to see who would face the champion on the next podcast card. These two would be Brickhouse Brown and Mance Warner. Both men are great brawlers who can turn the heat up when needed.

This fifteen-minute time limit match was designed to showcase both wrestlers as being good candidates for the next Television champion. The match was a major brawl from the opening bell. The first ten minutes of the match had action all over the ringside area. Brown gained the advantage around the eleven-minute mark to be able to secure the pin after a double underhook powerbomb at 12:16.

‘Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels vs Great Muta

The next match was a showcase match designed to give both wrestlers a push in order to get them a better position in their respective division. Daniels currently sits at the bottom of the World Heavyweight Title Division. Muta is one of the top stars of the American Heavyweight Title Division, but he is overlooked right now because of the feud between Sting and Eddie Gilbert.

In true Mid-Atlantic form, this match was also designed to go the full time limit. It wasn’t because a clear decision could not be made to put one or the other over. It was because this match was designed to put both wrestlers over.

Both wrestlers spent the entire match trying to showcase why they deserve to be considered top wrestlers in the PWA. Both men were able to establish momentum throughout the match, but neither were able to keep the other down for the pin. The match ended with the bell at the twenty-minute time limit as Muta connected with an Asai moonsault and hooked Daniels’ leg, but the bell had already rung.

Television Title Match: Doug Gilbert (c) vs Justin Credible

In this match of guys who typically got overlooked by promoters, there was a great grudge. Not only had Gilbert refused the invitation to join the Extreme Horsemen, he said there was no way he would align himself with anyone who was as worthless in the ring as Credible.

Credible came out to the entryway and began to talk before the match began about how the Extreme Horsemen were growing and that they would soon eclipse the legacy the old Horsemen had left behind. In fact, their entire goal was to eradicate everything in wrestling history and rebuild it in their image.

After the bell rang, Gilbert established control of the match. Credible had a few shining moments in the first four minutes, but it was primarily the champion who was in control. Around the five-minute mark, the two spilled outside the ring through the ropes. Gilbert tried to get Heenan to give him a chair, but Heenan seemed reluctant. Enraged, Gilbert grabbed the chair for himself, but Credible dropkicked it into his face.

Credible took control of the match for the next few minutes, but he would not put the champion away. Four times, he picked Gilbert up by the hair before the referee could complete the pin fall.

At the ten-minute mark, Gilbert backdropped Credible over the top rope onto the floor. Credible nearly took out Heenan as he crashed to the floor. There was a bit of a scuffle between Credible and Heenan before Credible shoved him to the side and slid back into the ring with a chain. Gilbert ducked a wild right hand and picked Credible up for a back suplex. Credible nailed Gilbert in the head with the chain and landed on top of Gilbert. Heenan jumped up on the ring apron to tell the referee about the chain, but the referee was insistent that Heenan stay off the ring apron. Credible came off the opposite ropes with a flying cross body, but Gilbert ducked. Credible crashed into the referee, who rolled out to the floor. Gilbert took control of the match from there. Gilbert nailed Credible with a piledriver and then a flying leg drop off the top rope. As he covered Credible, the referee crawled back into the ring to make the count at 12:41. Gilbert retained the title, but he and Heenan had heated words in the ring before Gilbert stormed out.

Curt Hennig & Austin Idol vs Bobo Brazil & S.D. Jones

Bobo Brazil and S.D. Jones made their PWA debut against the team of Curt Hennig and Austin Idol. Brazil and Jones showed themselves to be a well-oiled machine, while Hennig and Idol seemed more interested in showing their individual skills. Brazil took advantage of the lack of teamwork between his opponents and was successful in keeping Hennig on his side of the ring for most of the match. Hennig was able to escape and make the tag to Idol, but Brazil kept the advantage going in his team’s direction. Brazil pinned Idol at 14:16 with a powerslam.

American Tag Team Titles Match: Extreme Horsemen (c) vs GenThree

The American Tag Team Titles match broke out into a brawl early. After only two minutes, the referee called for the bell and disqualified both teams for blatantly ignoring him. The double disqualification didn’t stop the brawl. In fact, it got to a point where the referee actually left the ring and just let them fight it out. Security swarmed the ring after a few minutes.

Just after security got the two teams separated, a woman wearing an Extreme Horsemen t-shirt climbed over the barricade and slid into the ring behind Chavo. She nailed Chavo with a low blow, which gave the Extreme Horsemen the opportunity to break through security and double-team Kavana. Corino and Axel put Kavana on the canvas with a vicious double powerbomb while the woman climbed the turnbuckle. She came off with a flying leg drop to Kavana’s crotch. They attempted to do the same thing to Chavo, but another woman knocked her off the turnbuckle and onto the floor. The other woman dove off the ring apron and the two women brawled outside the ring.

Once security finally got everything situated, the Extreme Horsemen were standing in the ring with their title belts held high. Credible reminded everyone that he said the Horsemen were growing and introduced the woman as Annie Social. She was there to become the first and only PWA Women’s champion. The crowd booed as Corino and Credible continued their tirade about remaking wrestling into their own image. Finally, security escorted them from the ring so that card could continue.

World Tag Team Titles Match: Electric Gentlemen (c) vs Dangerous Duo

The first main event of the evening was scheduled as the World Tag Team champions, the Electric Gentlemen, defended their titles against the Dangerous Duo of ‘Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels and Shane Douglas. The two teams fought an epic battle that involved both teams coming close to winning the match. However, the turning point happened at the thirty-seven-minute mark, when Regal tagged Adams into the match. As Adams came into the ring, Regal nailed him with a superkick, allowing Daniels to get the pin with the Best Moonsault Ever at 37:09. Regal left the ring as the Dangerous Duo celebrated with their new title belts.

The cameras caught up with GenThree backstage. The woman who came to their aid turned out to be Nattie Neidhart! They vowed vengeance against the Extreme Horsemen and declared that they would eradicate the PWA of this blight forever. Nattie took a moment to inform Annie that she would make sure that Social was never going to be the Women’s champion. If the PWA actually created a women’s division.

World Heavyweight Title Match: Jerry Lawler (c) vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

The second main event had the rematch of the final fall of the Elimination match from October 14. World champion Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and Stone Cold Steve Austin one on one for the belt. The match itself was a great testament to both wrestlers, but the fans didn’t seem to get very into it. Basically, it seems that the fans had a problem with Lawler as champion. Austin won the match and the title with the Stunner at 37:50. Lawler left the ring, demanding a rematch for the next card.

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