WWT #94: Pro Wrestling America

October 14, 2020
Bankers Life Field House
Indianapolis, IN

Roster Changes:

Former TV champion Iceman King Parsons has left the PWA due to the decision for him to drop the title to Doug Gilbert. He was scheduled for his automatic rematch this week, but Parsons wanted nothing to do with it.

Atsushi Onita has also left the PWA for reasons he has not explained.

Kendall Windham and Chavo Guerrero Jr. have signed contracts with the PWA. Both will wrestle in the TV Title Division.

The Card:

At the beginning of the night, I came out to announce the many stipulations involved in the main event tonight.

  1. To make sure there was no external interference, all managers were barred from ringside for the match. The wrestlers would have to win or lose by and for themselves.
  2. It would be a seven-man elimination match. The last man standing would be crowned the first PWA World Heavyweight champion.
  3. There will be no time limit, no disqualifications, no countouts, no submissions. Falls would only be won by pinfall.
  4. The wrestlers will enter in a staggered, randomly drawn pattern. Two men will start the match. A new wrestler will enter every minute until all seven wrestlers are there.
  5. The first two wrestlers will begin the match in the ring. Wrestlers 3-6 will enter and take their places in the corners around the ring. The last wrestler will begin the match in the ring.
  6. Pinfalls will not count until all wrestlers have entered the match.
  7. Three wrestlers will be allowed in the ring until the first pinfall. Four Corners tag rules will apply. Any wrestler can tag in any other wrestler. After the first pinfall, only two wrestlers will be in the ring.

Some of the entry order will be revealed throughout the card. The first wrestler drawn will be the first wrestler in the match. That name was drawn in the middle of the ring and announced to be the Undertaker! The crowd cheered greatly.

Ric Titan vs Kendall Windham

Windham made his PWA debut in a wondrous fashion, pinning Titan at 2:59.

Ace Darling vs Rip Rogers: Rogers sought to redeem himself in the American Heavyweight Title division. Darling was looking for a way that he could move up the rankings. Rogers managed to get the win at 7:22 to give himself some sense of life in the division.

I came out after the Darling-Rogers match to announce the next wrestler involved in the main event. I pulled out another name from the hat and announced that Stone Cold Steve Austin would be the second wrestler in the match. The crowd went electric.

Television Title Match: Doug Gilbert (c) vs Justin Credible

The Extreme Horsemen came out with Credible and offered Doug a spot in their stable if he would turn his back on his brother Eddie. Doug refused. The Extreme Horsemen jumped him. Eddie came out to make the save along with Rip Rogers and Terry Funk. They fought Corino and Axel back to the dressing room, leaving only Doug and Credible.

Although he was weakened by the three-on-one attack, Doug managed to hold on to the title with a countout victory at 9:51, just before the 10-minute time limit expired.

American Heavyweight Title Match: Sting (c) vs Eddie Gilbert

This match did not last long as the Extreme Horsemen attacked Eddie outside the ring. Sting got the pinfall with the Scorpion Death Drop at 3:51.

I came out to announce the next wrestler for the main event, which was about to begin. Instead of drawing the next name as the third wrestler to enter the match. I said the next name would be the last wrestler to enter the match. I pulled out the name and announced that Terry Funk would be the last wrestler to enter the elimination match.

Special Challenge Non-Title Match: Extreme Horsemen (American Tag Team champions) vs Flex Kavana & Mystery Opponent

The Extreme Horsemen, aside from attacking the Gilbert Brothers, had been trying to get Kavana to reveal his mystery tag team partner for their match. Kavana refused. Of course, that got Corino to be certain that NO ONE wanted to be his tag team partner.

Corino and Axel weren’t surprised when Kavana came out to the ring alone. They began to taunt him before Credible attacked him from behind. The three of them beat on him. The referee tried to keep some semblance of order with only one member of the Horsemen in the ring at a time. For fifteen minutes, the three of them took turns punishing Kavana in a handicap match.

At the fifteen minute mark, the music started and Chavo Guerrero Jr. made his way out to the ring! The Horsemen were chuckling as Chavo got onto the ring apron and tagged himself in. The numbers were still in the Horsemen’s favor until the Gilberts came down and took Credible out of the situation. Chavo gets the win for his team in a time of 20:17 with a frog splash on Corino.

Now it’s time for the main event. There will FINALLY be a World Heavyweight champion!

World Heavyweight Title Elimination Match: Undertaker vs Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Austin Idol vs Terry Funk vs Jerry Lawler vs Curt Hennig vs Christopher Daniels

As announced, Austin and Undertaker begin the match. The rest of the wrestlers entered in this order: Hennig, Daniels, Idol, Lawler and Funk. When Funk came into the ring, Daniels tagged himself in. Austin and Taker began beating on him. Hennig finally got the chance to tag himself in as Taker whipped Austin into the corner. Hennig caught Taker with a drop toe hold that sent him crashing into Austin. The two of them began to brawl as Hennig picked up Daniels for the Henning Plex to pin him at 8:54.

That left Taker and Hennig as the two legal men in the ring. They battled back and forth for a while until they both tagged themselves out. Hennig tagged Funk. Taker tagged Lawler. These two bitter rivals tangled inside and outside the ring. There were several more tags over the next fifteen minutes, until it was Austin and Idol in the ring. Idol tried to wear the Rattlesnake down with the Las Vegas Leg Lock, but it was eventually Austin that would pin Idol at 29:12 after a Stunner.

Taker came back into the ring and attacked Austin. He tried to put him away quickly, but Austin fought back. These two battled for a while until Taker whipped Austin into Funk’s corner. Funk tagged himself in. Austin was ready for more offense from Taker, but Funk got between them. Austin turned him around and nailed him with the Stunner. Funk staggered into a Tombstone from the Undertaker, who pinned him at 46:52.

Austin and Taker continued to battle. Lawler tagged himself in as the Undertaker went Old School on Austin. Lawler continued to beat down Austin, but Austin would not stay down for a pinfall. Frustrated, Lawler threw Austin into Undertaker’s corner. Undertaker tagged himself in. Lawler and Undertaker battled for a few minutes until Undertaker tagged in Hennig, who had been resting on the ring apron for the bulk of the match. Hennig tried to take advantage of his freshness, but Lawler was able to counter the Hennig Plex with a small package and a handful of tights to secure the pinfall at 58:12.

Almost an hour into the match and we are FINALLY down to three wrestlers! Austin entered the ring and tried to secure a quick pinfall on Lawler, but Lawler kicked out just before three. Lawler reversed a whip into the ropes. He tried to kick Austin in the midsection, but Austin caught his foot. Austin spun him around and went for a kick of his own to set up the Stunner, but Lawler caught his foot. Lawler surprised Austin with a dragon screw leg whip across the ring. Lawler landed himself in Undertaker’s corner, who gladly tagged himself in.

Austin and Taker had one of their classic encounters for more than ten minutes as Lawler lay in a crumpled heap on the ring apron. Taker drilled Austin into the mat with the Tombstone. As he went to cover Austin, Lawler makes the save! Taker grabbed Lawler by the throat and tossed him into the corner. As he turned around, Austin kicked him and nailed him with the Stunner. Austin got the pinfall at 1:13:44.

The final two men! Lawler nailed Austin with a running kneelift as soon as his hand was raised from the last pinfall. Lawler had control until the 75-minute mark in the match. Austin was making a comeback, but it was stopped short when Lawler threw a fireball in his face. Lawler drilled him into the mat with a piledriver to win the match at 1:17:21. Lawler’s hand was raised in victory. The PA announcer finally got to announce the NEW World Heavyweight champion. Austin rolled out of the ring in disgust, but Lawler was given his moment to celebrate FINALLY becoming a legitimate World Heavyweight champion.

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