PWA House Show – Cincinnatti, OH (Day 1)

Two-day 32-man tournament for the weekend!

First Round Matches

Terry Funk def. Curtis Axel, DQ (Corino and Credible attacked Funk during the match as he was ready to end it with a piledriver.)

Jerry Lawler def. Will Ospreay

Great Muta def. Brickhouse Brown

Steve Corino def. ‘Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels (Axel and Credible distracted the referee so that Corino could hit Daniels with a chair to knock him out.)

Curt Hennig def. Flex Kavana

Stone Cold Steve Austin def. Amazing Red

Justin Credible def. Eddie Gilbert, DQ (Gilbert was DQ’ed for throwing a fireball in Credible’s face. Axel and Corino came down to the ring and busted open Gilbert before Doug and Funk come down to even the odds.)

Austin Idol def. Reckless Youth

Iceman King Parsons def. Jesse James Armstrong

Goldust def. Ace Darling

Great Kabuki def. Jushin Liger

‘Mr. Electricity’ Steve Regal def. Iron Mike Sharpe

Mance Warner vs Sabu, double countout

‘Gentleman’ Chris Adams def. Atsushi Onita

Shane Douglas def. Dutch Mantell

Terry Gordy def. Buzz Sawyer

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