PWA Card – 9/9/20

Arena: Little Caesar’s Arena, Detroit, MI

World Heavyweight Title Match: Jerry Lawler def. Terry Funk, DQ (36:52)
Funk gets a disqualification by burning Lawler with the branding iron. No champion was crowned in this match. A new rematch between the two was announced for two weeks away at the Rocket Mortgage Field House in Cleveland, OH. That match will be a no-disqualification, no time limit match. There must be a winner in that match.

American Tag Team Titles Match: Extreme Horsemen (c) def. Iceman King Parsons & Brickhouse Brown (5:32)
This match was requested by the Horsemen at the beginning of the card because of the “inappropriate” way Parsons and Brown had defeated the champions in a non-title match the last Sunday in Lansing. Horsemen take advantage of the injuries they had inflicted on the challengers in the previous match.

Austin Idol def. ‘Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels (19:30)
Idol makes his PWA debut and makes his mark on the World Heavyweight Title picture by making Daniels submit to the Las Vegas Leg Lock.

Television Title Match: Atsushi Onita def. Iceman King Parsons (c), CO (9:30)
The Extreme Horsemen came down to the ring to distract Parsons. Brown came down to the ring to even the odds. While the referee was distracted by Onita and Akbar, the Horsemen drug Parsons out of the ring and ran him into the ring post after having thrown Brown into the ring steps. The Horsemen left the ring and the referee counted Parsons out.

Shane Douglas def. ‘Rugged’ Rod Price (6:43)

Mance Warner vs Iron Mike Sharpe, double CO (0:37)
Sharpe tries to win the match right after the bell with his loaded arm band. Warner kicked out before the referee could get down to make the count. He threw Sharpe out of the ring, and Sharpe kept walking away. Warner followed him down the aisle toward the dressing room. The referee counted both men out.

Buzz Sawyer def. Ric Titan (2:48)

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