PWA Card 8/26/20

The PWA Television Title Tournament happened at the United Center in Chicago, IL.

Main Event – Tournament Final

TV Title Match: Iceman King Parsons def. ‘Rugged’ Rod Price (24:01)


Iceman King Parsons def. Iron Mike Sharpe (23:54)

‘Rugged’ Rod Price def. Brickhouse Brown (24:38)


Iceman King Parsons def. Buzz Sawyer (3:50)

Brickhouse Brown def. Dirty White Boy (6:17)

Iron Mike Sharpe def. Amazing Red (6:49)

‘Rugged’ Rod Price def. Lord Zoltan (9:36)

Second Round

Iceman King Parsons def. Mance Warner (11:34)

Dirty White Boy def. Moondog Spot (8:43)

Lord Zoltan def. Dutch Mantell (8:17)

Amazing Red def. ‘Dangerous’ Doug Gilbert, DQ (5:50)

Iron Mike Sharpe def. Reckless Youth (7:46)

‘Rugged’ Rod Price def. Sonjay Dutt (13:48)

Brickhouse Brown def. Will Ospreay (7:17)

Buzz Sawyer def. Curtis Axel (1:44)

First Round

Reckless Youth def. ‘Colorado Kid’ Mike Rapada (7:09)

Amazing Red def. Flaming Youth (7:11)

Lord Zoltan def. Moondog Spike, DQ (9:37)

Moondog Spot def. Ric Titan (0:40)

Mance Warner def. Brett Wayne Sawyer (3:51)

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