Pre-1970 Wrestling Videos

Here can be found some classic wrestling clips from before 1970.

1950Lou Thesz vs Buddy Rogers
January 26, 1951Lou Thesz vs Buddy Rogers
1951Karl Gotch vs Michiaki Yoshimura
July 13, 1953Baron Michele Leone vs Rito Romero
August 26, 1955Dick the Bruiser vs Chest Bernard
September 14, 1956Angelo Poffo vs The Mighty Atlas
1956Verne Gagne vs Dick the Bruiser
1956Verne Gagne, Wilbur Snyder & Argentina Rocca vs Dick the Bruiser & Liskowski Brothers
August 16, 1957Edouard Carpentier vs Lou Thesz
October 13, 1957NWA World Heavyweight Title MatchLou Thesz vs Rikidozan
April 14, 1961Haystacks Calhoun vs Buddy Rogers
April 29, 1961Stampede Wrestling
March 28, 1962NWA World Heavyweight Title MatchRikidozan vs Freddie Blassie
May 17, 1963Rikidozan vs Killer Kowalski
December 3, 1966Fritz von Erich vs Giant Baba
March 7, 1967Giant Baba vs Bruno Sammartino
August 14, 1967Giant Baba vs Gene Kiniski
February 28, 1968Giant Baba vs Dick the Bruiser
June 27, 1968Giant Baba vs Bobo Brazil
August 17, 1968World Wrestling Alliance
February 11, 1969NWA World Heavyweight Title MatchGene Kiniski vs Dory Funk Jr.
April 5, 1969Japanese Wrestling Association
May 16, 1969Giant Baba vs Bobo Brazil
May 17, 1969World Wrestling Alliance
December 2, 1969Dory Funk Jr. vs Antonio Inoki
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