Plagues against the Egyptian Gods

God’s plagues against Egypt weren’t just shows of power. They were targeted at some of the major gods and goddesses of Egyptian mythology. Below is a list of the plagues and which of the mythological gods they were against.

PlagueReferenceGod(s) Attacked
Nile turned to blood7:14-25Hapi/Apis (god of the Nile)Isis (goddess of the Nile)Khnum (guardian of the Nile)
Frogs8:1-15Heqet (goddess of birth)
Gnats8:16-19Set (god of the desert)
Flies8:20-32Ra (sun god)Uatchit (fly god)
Death of livestock9:1-7Hathor (cow head)Apis (bull god)
Boils9:8-12Sekhmet (goddess with power over disease)Sunu (pestilence god)Isis (goddess of healing)
Hail9:13-35Nut (sky goddess)Osiris (god of crops)Set (god of storms)
Locusts10:1-20Nut (sky goddess)Osiris (god of crops)
Darkness10:21-29Ra (sun god)Horus (sun god)Nut (sky goddess)Hathor (sky goddess)
Death of the firstborn11:1-12:30Min (god of reproduction)Heqet (goddess of childbirth)Isis (goddess of children)Pharaoh (Ra’s son)

In every case, God proved Himself to be more powerful than any or all of Egypt’s pantheon of gods.

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