Wrestling Pastors

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This list is not a complete and exhaustive list. Some of these may have just gotten an online ordination without having an actual congregation as well.

  1. Marc Mero
  2. Ted DiBiase - Heart of David Ministry
  3. Steve Borden (Sting)
  4. Wayne Ferris (Honky Tonk Man)
  5. Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)
  6. Konnor
  7. Johnny Angel
  8. Chris Whaley (The Saint) - First Baptist Church, Orlando, FL
  9. Tully Blanchard - International Network of Prison Ministries
  10. Bobby Fulton
  11. Kenneth Johnson (Slick) - Shiloh Baptist Church, Louisville, KY
  12. Buddy Landell
  13. Marc Lowrance
  14. Ranger Ross
  15. Nikita Koloff - Koloff for Christ Ministries, Concord, NC
  16. Ivan Koloff
  17. Fray Tormenta (real-life basis for the movie Nacho Libre)