Travis Canby

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Vital Statistics

Wrestler Name: Travis Canby

Real Name: Travis Canby

Birthday: January 13, 1958

Hometown: Holly Springs, MS

Marital Status: Single

Alignment: Face

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 242

Theme Music: "Double Vision" by Foreigner

Debut: March 9, 1978

Debut Opp: Argonauts

Last Match: February 27, 1997

Last Opp: Michael Mercury

PriDistrict: MidAmerica

Style: Technical Flyer

Finishing Move: Canby Drop (shooting star press)

Notable Feuds: Argonauts

Image: Marcus Bagwell

Personal History

Travis and Troy Canby are the twin sons born to Terrance and Theresa (Piecuch) Canby on January 13, 1958 in Holly Springs, MS. As with most fraternal twins, Travis and Troy are polar opposites. Travis is the dramatically-talented one. Troy is the more athletically gifted. They used these differences to make a cohesive tag team.

Travis began his drama career as Santa Claus in the Holly Springs Elementary School’s Kindergarten Christmas program. He also used his dramatic talents in the annual Christmas Program at Christ Presbyterian Church in Oxford, MS, the Canbys’ home congregation. Throughout his childhood, Travis worked in many plays and musicals with the Pied Piper Playhouse in Tupelo during the summer. Travis considered himself an accomplished actor and singer. In 1975, he sent a demo to Sun Records in Memphis, but he was turned down for a recording contract.

Travis graduated 14th in his class from Holly Springs High School and went on to continue his drama career at the University of Mississippi. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts in 1979. He completed his last year of college while wrestling. This proved to be quite the challenge for Travis because his grades began to slip as he got more involved in wrestling and vice versa.

Arnold thought the best use of Travis’ talents was backstage in the planning stages for upcoming feuds and storylines in the MVW. It was later credited with the surprise pairing of A.J. Adams and Mr. Hyde as a tag team. Travis helped many of the storylines develop around several key wrestlers, including Mr. Hyde, Helena Handbasket, Psycho Ward, Extreme Militia and the Friends in Low Places.

Unfortunately, Travis wanted more than just to write the storylines for the MVW. He wanted more credit and acclaim for himself. After the Canbys left the MVW in 1997, Travis tried to find a place for his dramatic skills to be used well. After a couple of dismal years with the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Travis committed suicide on April 9, 2000.