September 8, 1984

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Georgia Championship Wrestling

  • Promo with Paul Ellering and Ted DiBiase about the Armstrongs
  • Tully Blanchard (NWA TV champion) vs Dale Veasey
  • Promo with Harley Race about his upcoming cage match with Ric Flair
  • Promo with Tony Atlas
  • Harley Race vs Bob Owens
  • Road Warriors vs Greg Brown & Snake Brown
  • Brawl involving Paul Ellering, Brad Armstrong, Ted DiBiase, Bob Roop & Bob Armstrong
  • Hollywood Blondes (Ted Oates & Rip Rogers) vs Mike Jackson & Jason Walker

Memphis Wrestling

  • New Generation vs Poffo Mania
  • Promo from Jimmy Hart & Eddie Gilbert
  • Giant Frazier vs David Johnson
  • Rick Rude vs Randy Johnson
  • Dutch Mantell & Mark Regan vs Nightmares (Southern Tag Team champions)
  • Promo from Tommy Rich
  • Jerry Lawler vs Eddie Gilbert (International Heavyweight champion)

Southeastern Championship Wrestling

  • Jimmy Golden & Jim Backlund vs Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs
  • Video of R.A.T. Patrol (Johnny Rich, Scott Armstrong, Tonga Kid) vs Billy Spears, Jerry Stubbs & Arn Anderson
  • Promo with the R.A.T. Patrol and Billy Spears & Arn Anderson
  • Kingfish Levinski vs Boris Zhukov
  • Video of Austin Idol vs Boris Zhukov
  • Al Scott vs Ontario Mauler
  • Personality Profile: Porkchop Cash, Austin Idol, Boris Zhukov, Arn Anderson, Jerry Stubbs, Billy Spears, R.A.T. Patrol
  • Porkchop Cash vs Mike Thor
  • Promo with Mr. Wrestling #1 & #2
  • Paul Brown & Tommy Gilbert vs Bob & Steve Armstrong
  • Promo with Boris Zhukov & Billy Spears, Mr. Wrestling #1 & #2, Austin Idol