September 20, 1984

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Mid-South Wrestling Association

  • Footage from last week's incident with Master Gee
  • Buddy Landell & Butch Reed come out before every match except Brown/Mantell vs Veasey/Saunders to call out Master Gee
  • Midnight Express vs Rick McCord & Steve Miller
  • Adrian Street vs Mike Jackson
  • Brickhouse Brown & Johnny Mantell vs Dale Veasey & Don Saunders
  • Magnum T.A. vs Art Crews
  • Mid-South TV Title Match: Terry Taylor (c) vs Hercules Hernandez
  • Master Gee vs Butch Reed
  • Video of Rock & Roll Express

World Class Championship Wrestling

Matches taken from Labor Day Star Wars 1984.

  • Kelly Kiniski vs George Weingroff
  • Interview with Glen Goza who wrote "Heaven Needed a Champion" and singing "Rasslin'"
  • World Class Television Title Match: Chris Adams vs Jake Roberts (c)
  • Promos with Von Erich brothers, Chris Adams & Gary Hart, Iceman King Parsons & Skip Young
  • Arm Wrestling Match: Butch Reed vs Kerry von Erich
  • Best-of-3 Falls Match: Iceman King Parsons & Skip Young vs P.Y.T. Express
  • Promos with Skandar Akbar, Gino Hernandez, Jake Roberts
  • American Heavyweight Title Match: Gino Hernandez vs Mike von Erich (c)
  • Bill & Scott Irwin vs Jules Strongbow & Buck Zumhofe


Hair vs Hair Match: MS1 vs Sangre Chicana

Commentary in Japanese

American Wrestling Association

Rick Martel vs Nick Bockwinkel

Fabulous Ones & Blackjack Lanza vs Larry Zbyszko, Masa Saito & Billy Robinson

Curt Hennig vs Steve Regal