Red Wolf

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Vital Statistics

Wrestler Name: Red Wolf

Real Name: Lester Paolini

Birthday: November 12, 1957

Hometown: Backwoods

Marital Status: Married

Alignment: Heel

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 249

Theme Music: "Werewolves of London" by Warren Zevon

Debut: March 22, 1979

Debut Opp: Arnold Adams/Steve Regal/Al Madril

Last Match: April 5, 1981 Jackson

Last Opp: Duplicity

Style: Technician

Finishing Move: Red Dawn (upside down bearhug)

Favorite Moves: sommersault powerslam


Notable Feuds:

Image: Jim Brunzell

Personal History

Lester was born to Levi and Esther Paolini on November 12, 1957, in Mercersburg, PA. He graduated from James Buchanan High School. Lester was always considered a loud-mouth by people. He would make outrageous claims about things and try to prove them to be true. One of his earliest and most often boasts was that his family descended from President James Buchanan.

Lester was a gifted athlete when it came to playing either an offensive or defensive lineman on the football field. Other than that, many people had nothing more to do with him. Lester received a partial scholarship to Mississippi State University, but he never made it past the practice squad. In order to pay for college expenses, Lester worked as a bouncer at a strip club nearby.

It was originally Lester's idea to join the MVW. He wasn't feeling appreciated with the football staff, and his work as a bouncer made him habitually late for his early morning classes (most of which he slept through). Lester is the only member of the Wolf Pack not to graduate. He never graduated from Mississippi State University, although he claims to have his diploma hanging on his office wall (it's actually his cousin Lester's).

Lester was also the one who began to sow seeds of discord among the Wolf Pack about being jobbed. As the "weakest" Wolf, he was jobbed to about everyone. However, he worked well in the tag team matches and was part of the tag team that won most of the titles.

After leaving the MVW, Lester went on to move back to Pennsylvania. Instead of returning home to Mercersburg, he went to Harrisburg and became a used car salesman. As of October 2010, Lester was barely hanging onto his auto dealership with the recession hitting him hard.