October 19, 1985

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Studio Show

Arena Show

  • Jerry Lawler visiting United Way video
  • Jonathan Boyd & Rip Morgan vs. Bill Dundee & Jerry Lawler
  • Armstrongs video with Bob in the hospital
  • Bob Armstrong "Bad To The Bone" video
  • Tom Prichard & Pat Rose destroy Bob Armstrong
  • Tom Prichard & Pat Rose promo
  • Bill Dundee & Jerry Lawler vs. Tom Prichard & Pat Rose
  • Mid-America Heavyweight Title: Koko Ware (c) vs. Harley Race


  • Opening Clip - Flair breaks Dusty's ankle
  • Interview - Jimmy Valiant
  • Jimmy Valiant vs. The Golden Terror
  • Interview - Jim Cornette
  • Black Bart (with JJ Dillon) vs. Italian Stallion
  • Taped Interview from Florida - Chief Wahoo McDaniel says he will come in and take Dusty's place in tag matches
  • Interview - Superstar Billy Graham
  • Arn Anderson vs. Hard Rock Ricky Reeves
  • Interview - Arn Anderson
  • Interview - Jim Cornette
  • Midnight Express vs. Brady Boone & Mac Jeffers
  • Hosted by Roger Kent with Special Guest Jim Crockett, Jr.
  • Video - Starrcade 84 Highlights: Million Dollar Challenge
  • Clip - Russians regain NWA Tag Team titles
  • Starrcade 85 Promo Clip
  • Interview at Ringside - Dusty Rhodes on crutches jumped by Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson, Arn steals the TV belt
  • Replay - Arn steals the TV belt
  • Superstation Championship Challenge Series #12 United States Heavyweight Title
  • Tully Blanchard (with Babydoll) vs. Outlaw Ron Bass, commentary by James J. Dillon Interference by Black Bart and James J. Dillon
  • Interview - Jim Crockett
  • Denny Brown (NWA Jr.) vs. Randy Barber
  • Abdullah the Butcher (with Paul Jones) vs. Jim Jeffers
  • Superstar Billy Graham vs. John Barnes
  • Interview - Paul Jones confronted by Superstar Billy Graham
  • Interview - US Champ Tully Blanchard with Babydoll
  • American Starship Eagle vs. Thunderfoot (with James J. Dillon)
  • Clip - Flair and Andersons break Dusty Rhodes ankle
  • Interview - Arn Anderson with the NWA TV belt , confronted by Jim Crockett