October 13, 1984

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Memphis Wrestling

  • Eddie Gilbert (International champion) vs Johnny Wilhoit
  • Promo with Jimmy Hart & King Kong Bundy
  • Video of Lanny Poffo
  • Kurt von Hess vs Randy Savage
  • Promo with Korchenko
  • Rick Rude & King Kong Bundy vs Keith Eric & Ken Raper
  • Dirty White Boys vs Randy Savage & Mark Batten
  • Promo with Jerry Lawler

Championship Wrestling from Florida

  • Chief Joe Lightfoot vs. The Hollywood Blonde
  • Promo with Billy Graham
  • Pez Whatley vs Tommy Wright
  • Billy Jack Haynes vs Jesse Barr
  • Mike Graham vs one of the Hollywood Blondes (Superstar Billy Graham is at ringside.)
  • Scott McGhee vs jobber (Jesse Bar runs in and attacks McGhee. McGhee fights back though, until Dory Funk runs in to help bail Barr out.)
  • Coco Samoa & Angelo Mosca Jr. vs The Saint & Crusher Kruschev
  • Billy Graham vs Dory Funk Jr.