November 20, 1981

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2976. Holly Luger (#7) vs Supergirl (#6)

Referee: Candi Rapper
Decision: Holly Luger (submission), 8:55 (10-minute time limit)

2977. Joey Roos (w/ Amanda Costello) (#46) vs J.T. Green (#29)

Referee: Marcus Moreland
Decision: Joey Roos (pin), 2:21 (10-minute time limit)

2978. Boomerang (w/ Amanda Costello) (#45) vs Colt Murphy (w/ Theodore Winchester III) (#41)

Referee: Marty Gentz
Decision: Boomerang (pin), 5:18 (15-minute time limit)

2979. Dr. Lucius Love (#39) vs Redneck Warrior (#52)

Referee: Marcus Moreland
Decision: Dr. Lucius Love (pin), 4:19 (15-minute time limit)

2980. Mr. Remington (w/ Theodore Winchester III) (#22) vs Gladiator (#53)

Referee: Marty Gentz
Decision: TIME LIMIT DRAW (15-minute time limit)

2981. L.A.W. (#33) vs A.J. Adams (#14)

Referee: Marcus Moreland
Decision: L.A.W. (pin), 13:39 (15-minute time limit)

2982. Vixen (w/ Solitaire) (#8) vs Mother Modest (w/ Cardinal St. Louis) (#11)

Referee: Candi Rapper
Decision: Vixen (pin), 5:15 (15-minute time limit)

2983. Michael Smith & Kurt Wesson (w/ Theodore Winchester III) (#14) vs L.A. Underground (#8)

Referee: Marty Gentz
Decision: Smith & Wesson (pin), 12:34 (20-minute time limit)

2984. MVW Women's Title Match: Dr. Jackyl (#4) (champion) vs April (#5) - Match Text

Referee: Candi Rapper
Decision: Dr. Jackyl (pin), 12:20 (30-minute time limit)

2985. Mr. Hyde (w/ Dr. Jackyl) (#2) vs Marco Duarte (#16)

Referee: Marcus Moreland
Decision: Marco Duarte (pin), 13:29 (30-minute time limit)

2986. Number One Contender Match for the Arkansas State Tag Team Titles: Mississippi's Most Wanted (#7) vs All-American Alcoholics (#9)

Referee: Marty Gentz
Executioner throws the match away by nailing Michael Martens over the head with a chair.
Decision: All-American Alcoholics (disqualification), 0:29 (30-minute time limit)

2987. Arkansas State Heavyweight Title Match: Mark Bradley (#13) vs Good Time Charlie (#15) (champion) - Match Text

Referee: Marcus Moreland
Mark and Charlie fight a clean match that showed the great natural state that is Arkansas. Mark wins the match with a sleeper.
Decision: Mark Bradley (submission), 31:46 (45-minute time limit) NEW CHAMPION

2988. MVW Six-Man Tag Team Titles Match: Team Crump (w/ Boss Crump) (#1) (champions) vs Norsemen (#3) - Match Text

Referee: Marty Gentz
Dominic gets the pin after the Disco Fever on Terry.
Decision: Norsemen (pin), 26:07 (60-minute time limit) NEW CHAMPIONS