November 2, 1984

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Strong Machine vs Antonio Inoki

Memphis Wrestling

  • CWA signed a working relationship with JCP. Gordon Solie takes Dave Brown's spot at the booth. The dream team of Gordon Solie and Lance Russell at the broadcast booth together.
  • Pat Hutchinson vs Ron Garvin (National Heavyweight champion)
  • Promo with Jimmy Hart with various footage
  • Six-man tag team match: Jerry Lawler, Rick Rude & Jimmy Valiant vs King Kong Bundy & Dirty White Boys
  • Promo with Jimmy Hart & Dirty White Boys
  • Invader vs Jerry Lawler
  • Hollywood Blondes (Rip Rogers & Ted Oates) vs Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner (National Tag Team champions)
  • Promo with Jerry Jarrett and Ole Anderson regarding the "merger" of CWA and Georgia Championship Wrestling
  • Long Riders (Bill & Scott Irwin) vs Iceman King Parsons & Buck Zumhofe from the Sportatorium
  • Tommy & Eddie Gilbert vs Randy Savage & Lanny Poffo
  • Promo with Rick Rude & Jimmy Valiant
  • Tommy & Eddie Gilbert vs Jerry Kline & Keith Eric