November 15, 1984

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Mid-South Wrestling Association

  • Promo with Buddy Landell
  • Ted DiBiase vs Magnum T.A.
  • Butch Reed vs Buddy Landell: Reed no-showed to be with his brother after a major injury. Brickhouse Brown comes out to challenge in Reed's place.
  • Ted DiBiase vs Jim Duggan
  • Master G vs Sheik Hercules Hernandez
  • Rock & Roll Express vs Jim Horton & Thomas Ivy
  • Promo with Butch Reed
  • Mid-South TV Title Match: Adrian Street (c) vs Bill Dundee
  • Chavo & Hector Guerrero vs Art Crews & Lee Ramsey
  • Promo with Magnum T.A. demanding a cage match with Ernie Ladd or Ted DiBiase for the next week