November 1, 1984

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Mid-South Wrestling Association

  • Promo with Ernie Ladd (new North American champion)
  • Video of Hacksaw Jim Duggan from last week
  • Gary Cortinelli (Italian Stallion) vs Steve Williams
  • Hercules Hernandez vs Thomas Ivy
  • Promo with Skandar Akbar & Buddy Landell
  • Buddy Landell & Butch Reed vs Steve Brinson & Mike Jackson
  • Master G vs Ted DiBiase
  • Magnum T.A. vs Missing Link
  • TV Title Match: Adrian Street (c) vs Bill Dundee

World Class Championship Wrestling

  • Kelly Kiniski vs Buck Zumofe
  • Rip Oliver vs Terry Daniels
  • Bill Mercer talks with Billy Jack Haynes & Sunshine in the WCCW studios
  • Billy Jack Haynes vs Shawn Michaels
  • NWA World Heavyweight Title Match: Terry Gordy vs Nature Boy Ric Flair (c)