May 6, 1984

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American Wrestling Association

Recorded off WTTV 4 in Indianapolis.

  • Best-of-3 Falls Match: Steve Regal & Jesse Ventura vs Nacho Barrera & Mike Richards: Regal comes in as Ventura's temporary replacement for Masa Saito. Not a great surprise that this new tag team combination would have no problem with the jobbers.
  • The commercials weren't trimmed out. It's refreshing to see trailers for the old Spiderman TV series and Fame. Legitimizes the age of the video and its quality.
  • Crusher Blackwell vs Blackjack Mulligan: Joined in progress. Mulligan shows his mean streak by repeatedly picking Blackwell up after the two count.
  • Bobby Heenan and Nick Bockwinkel talk about the upcoming $50,000 battle royal in Indianapolis.
  • Black Panther vs Ken Patera: Quick match for Patera.
  • Promos from Steve Regal and Blackjacks.
  • Jesse Ventura & Masa Saito vs Kenny Jay & Baron von Raschke: Joined in progress. Kenny Jay spends the entire video hanging upside down in the corner. Saito and Ventura bust open Raschke and Brunzell in a post-match brawl. Wally Karbo says that he will punish Saito for his actions.
  • Rick Martel vs Nick Bockwinkel: Joined in progress. Martel was definitely underappreciated in both WWF and WCW.
  • Promo with Jesse Ventura. Video abruptly ends after promo.

World Class Championship Wrestling

All the matches were from WCCW's Parade of Champions.

  • Hacksaw Butch Reed vs Chick Donovan: Basic match between these two.
  • Junk Yard Dog vs Missing Link: Very volatile match between these two. Skandar Akbar, of course, gets involved in the decision.
  • American Tag Team Titles Match: Super Destroyers (c) vs Iceman King Parsons & Buck Zumhofe: Good match between these two tag teams. One of the first times I've seen Parsons & Zumhofe as a tag team.
  • Great Kabuki vs Kamala: Two of the greatest silent heels in World Class history in this match. Gary Hart and Skandar Akbar were developing a great feud between their organizations. Crazy
  • World Six-Man Tag Team Titles Match: Fabulous Freebirds (c) vs Fritz, Kevin & Mike Von Erich: This is a "come as you are" Badstreet Brawl. As with every six-man tag team match involving this top feud in World Class, this was a crazy match that was worthy of the name "Parade of Champions". As much as I dislike the Von Erichs, it was fun to see Fritz with an Iron Claw with both hands.
  • Mixed Tag Team Match: Jimmy Garvin & Precious vs Chris Adams & Sunshine: Surprisingly, this match happened AFTER the big Kerry von Erich-Ric Flair match. I understand that they wanted to make sure the World Title match happened while it was still sunlight out. Wild finish to the match, but it was your basic catfight when the women were involved.
  • World Heavyweight Title Match: Ric Flair (c) vs Kerry von Erich: Match put in its proper place in the lineup for this ESPN program. This was definitely the best match between these two.