May 23, 1983

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World Wrestling Federation

Current champions:

  • World Heavyweight champion: Bob Backlund
  • World Tag Team champions: Wild Samoans
  • Intercontinental champion: Don Muraco
  • Women's champion: Fabulous Moolah
  • Baron Scicluna vs Don Kernodle: Good opening match between these two. Both showing their ring skills. This is one of Kernodle's few matches in WWF.
  • Mac Rivera vs Pete Doherty: Rather boring match between two guys not really well-known outside of the Northeast.
  • Ivan Koloff vs Jules Strongbow: Great psychological beginning to the match with the chain and the chair. Both men displayed their power throughout the match.
  • Swede Hanson vs Salvatore Bellomo: Good match between these two wrestlers whose styles are extremely different. The "mutual admiration society" between the two was rather humorous at times, but it also showed the respect that each wrestler had for the other. Hanson is one of those big wrestlers who has actual skill outside of brawling.
  • Chief Jay Strongbow vs Iron Mike Sharpe: Sharpe was always great at milking the "injury" he sustained to his forearm. How long did this gimmick go on? Strongbow was definitely the better of the two wrestlers, but Sharpe could have had better title opportunities had he stayed in the Mid-South area or Canada.
  • World Heavyweight Title Match: Bob Backlund (c) vs Sgt. Slaughter: Coming off a heinous attack by Slaughter, Backlund was ready to go to war with WWF's resident G.I. Joe. Wonderful planning of this match as it allowed Backlund to get a measure of revenge. Younger wrestling fans that knew Slaughter more for his feud against Iron Sheik don't recognize just how evil a heel Slaughter could be. Another big man with good moves. Slaughter with a dropkick?
  • Dusty Rhodes vs Wild Samoan #3 (Samula): Samula had a few good moments in this match. Rhodes was just too much for him throughout the match. Even when Samula had the advantage (although a reverse chinlock is hardly an advantage), Rhodes had him right where he wanted him.
  • Leilani Kai vs Susan Starr: Susan Starr comes up with a quick, surprise win over the more experienced wrestler.
  • Jimmy Snuka vs Wild Samoan #1 (Afa): Fairly quick decision that wasn't unexpected. Afa was getting well past his prime by this point. I wasn't surprised when they had to stretcher him out of the ring.
  • World Women's Title Match: Fabulous Moolah (c) vs Princess Victoria: There really wasn't a chance for Victoria in this match. Moolah had been champion for more than a decade. There seemed to be no one in the WWF or the NWA that could take the title away from her in 1983.
  • Intercontinental Heavyweight Title Match: Don Muraco (c) vs Rocky Johnson: Wonderful match between these two great superstars. Unfortunately, the curfew imposed on MSG intervened to make the match a draw.