May 2, 1982

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Fayette-Ware High School

3817. MidAmerican Tag Team Titles Match: Mississippi's Most Wanted (c) def. New Kangaroos

3816. City of Somerville Heavyweight Title Falls Count Anywhere Match: Mr. Arkansas (c) def. El Hijo del Padre

3815. Austin Idol vs Executioner, time limit draw

3814. Odin def. Grappler

3813. April def. Kathryn Bahr-Theodore

3812. Boomerang def. Mr. Remington

3811. Harley Davidson def. Joey Roos

3810. Amanda Costello def. Fantasia

3809. Midnight Black def. The Marlboro Man

3808. Mr. Tennessee def. Midnight Blue

Mississippi Coliseum

3827. Interstate 20 Heavyweight Title Match: 'Dynamite' Dick Dunn (c) def. E. Nygma

3826. All-American Alcoholics def. Duplicity

3825. J.T. Green def. Wrestling Pro

3824. A.J. Adams def. Bounty Hunter

3823. Psycho Ward def. Dr. Lucius Love

3822. Ridge Runner def. Michael 'Moonshine' Martens

This was Ridge Runner's debut match.

3821. Strutter def. Becky Lynn

3820. Fine Print def. Canby Twins

3819. Bobby 'Badd to the Bone' Browne def. Narcissist

3818. Sexy Lexy def. Naughty Nurse Natalie