May 19, 1984

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American Wrestling Association

Current Champions:

  • World Heavyweight champion: Rick Martel
  • World Tag Team champions: Crusher Liskowski & Baron von Raschke
  • World Light Heavyweight champion: Steve Regal
  • Jeff Reece vs Brad Rheinghans
  • Promo with AWA President Stanley Blackburn and Rick Martel shortly after winning the AWA World Title which was interrupted by Bobby Heenan and Nick Bockwinkel. Results from 5/13/84 matches at St. Paul Civic Center.
  • Larry Zbyszko vs Curt Hennig (joined in progress): I understand that coming off the top rope was a disqualificaiton because of Ray Stevens crippling Dr. X in the 60s, but it was still illegal in 1984? I'll take Hennig's side on this one.
  • Nick Bockwinkel vs Jake Milliman
  • Promo with Sheik Adnan al-Kaissie and Abdullah the Butcher.
  • Best-of-3 Falls Match: Fabulous Ones (Stan Lane & Steve Keirn) vs Iron Duke & Mike Richards
  • Promo with Jesse Ventura and Steve Regal and then the Fabulous Ones.
  • Curt Hennig vs Nacho Berara
  • Promo with Blackjacks about Abdullah the Butcher and Jerry Blackwell.

Memphis Wrestling

As we begin our time in Memphis' Championship Wrestling Alliance, we have their weekly studio wrestling at WMC-TV. With the commercials still there, it's hilarious to see a commercial for Wal-Mart like it's any other retailer. Many of the CWA videos on YouTube comes from the televised on WEHT-TV 7 in Evansville.

While CWA had issues with being somewhat predictable in their match booking, their weekly show was predictable in showing much of the previous Monday night's action in highlight footage between matches.

Current Champions:

  • International Heavyweight champion: Randy Savage
  • Southern Heavyweight champion: Lord Humongus
  • Southern Tag Team champions: Tommy Rich & Eddie Gilbert
  • Promo with Jimmy Hart and Jim Neidhart with footage from Neidhart's interference in EVERY match at the Mid-South Coliseum the previous Monday night.
  • Harley Davidson (Hillbilly Jim) vs Rooster Cogburn
  • Footage from match between Harley Davidson & Dirty (Dusty) Rhodes vs PYT Express (Norvell Austin & Stagger Lee)
  • Promos for upcoming Mt. Carmel, IL card
  • Jerry Jarrett (Jeff's father) speaks out against the First Family's abuse of his father-in-law, promoter Eddie Marlin, and re-instituting the $1000 fine for outside interference
  • Humongous vs Ken Raper
  • Footage from Lawler vs Humongus at Mid-South Coliseum. Guess who tries to interfere.
  • Promo with Jimmy Hart, Ox Baker and PYT Express.
  • PYT Express (Norvell Austin & Stagger Lee) vs Fabulous Ones (Tommy Rich & Eddie Gilbert): Nothing like a brawl in the studio audience.
  • Keith Robertson & Pink Panther vs Bugsy McGraw & Dutch Mantell
  • Promos again for upcoming Mt. Carmel, IL card
  • Six-Man Tag Team Match: Jerry Lawler, Brickhouse Brown & Scott Shannon vs Jim Neidhart, Rick Rude & Porkchop Cash

World Wrestling Federation

Capital Centre, Landover, MD

  • B. Brian Blair vs Rene Goulet: One of the very rare referee's decisions as the time limit expired.
  • George Steele vs Akira Maeda: Maeda was not given his due in this match. Then again, did anyone receive his due when they faced the Animal? Maeda was a great Japanese wrestler, but he didn't receive enough credit in the US.
  • Chief Jay Strongbow vs Jesse Ventura
  • Tony Garea vs Greg Valentine
  • Jose Luis Rivera vs Tiger Chung Lee
  • Sgt. Slaughter vs Iron Sheik
  • Roddy Piper, Paul Orndorff & David Schulz vs S.D. Jones, Rocky Johnson & Bobo Brazil: This match had three of the greatest African American wrestlers in wrestling history. Of course, these great black wrestlers weren't given the respect they were due. Growing up around Memphis, it irritates me that a black wrestler couldn't hold the World Heavyweight Title until Ron Simmons won the WCW World Title in 1992. Just irritating!
  • Mr. Fuji vs Bob Backlund