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Fayette-Ware High School

3904. Tennessee State Heavyweight Title Match: El Hijo del Padre def. Mr. Hyde (c) NEW CHAMPION

Due to the earlier brawls involving El Hijo, Mr. Arkansas and Sam McGuinness, El Hijo asked Hyde to make the match a no-disqualification match. Hyde readily agreed. Throughout the course of the thirty-five-minute match, Mr. Arkansas, Mr. Tennessee, Sam McGuinness, Ivan Rasputin, the New Kangaroos and Austin Idol all made appearances. El Hijo finally won the match with a sommersault lariat off the middle rope after Boomerang nailed Hyde with the Outback Slam.

3903. City of Somerville Heavyweight Title Match: Mr. Arkansas (c) def. Boomerang, DQ

El Hijo del Padre interfered after Mr. Arkansas had attacked him earlier in the night during an interview for his upcoming title match against Mr. Hyde.

3902. Boomerang def. Austin Idol

3901. Terry Thorson def. Ivan Rasputin

3900. Supergirl def. Dr. Jackyl

3899. Mr. Remington def. Joey Roos

3898. Fantasia def. Vixen

3897. Mr. Tennessee def. The Marlboro Man