May 11, 1985

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Studio Show

  • Spoiler vs Jerry Oske (Southern Heavyweight champion)
  • Promo with Jerry Oske
  • Randy Savage vs Steve Constant
  • Kareem Muhammad vs David Haskins
  • Lou Winston vs Jerry Lawler
  • Video of Bruiser Brody confronting Jerry Lawler after their tag team match against David Schultz & Randy Savage
  • Promos with Bruiser Brody & Kareem Muhammad, Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee
  • Video of Bill Dundee
  • Promo from Jerry Jarrett
  • Jerry Jarrett & Tojo Yamamoto vs P.Y.T. Express
  • Promo with Fabulous Ones, Tux Newman & Koko B. Ware & Billy Travis
  • Mr. Wrestling (Tommy Gilbert) vs Tim Ashley

Arena Show

  • Mr. Kareem Muhammad vs. David Haskins
  • David Shultz vs. Steve Constance
  • Tim Ashley vs. Iron Mike Sharpe
  • Austin Idol vs. Jos LeDuc
  • Jerry Oske vs. Lanny Poffo
  • Tommy Rich vs. Moondog Rex


  • Ron Garvin (National Heavyweight champion) vs Larry Clark
  • Promos with Paul Jones & Abdullah the Butcher, Tully Blanchard & Babydoll
  • Manny Fernandez vs. Paul Garner
  • Promo with Dusty Rhodes, the Gorilla and the Gorilla's Mama
  • Ric Flair vs. Ron Rossi
  • Promo with Ric Flair
  • Magnum TA vs. George South
  • VIDEO - Valiant's War
  • Nikita Koloff vs. Kent Glover (fans singing the National Anthem)
  • Promo with Manny Fernandez & Thunderbolt Patterson
  • Six-Man Tag Team Match: Arn & Ole Anderson & Bob Roop vs. Buzz Sawyer & Pistol Pez Whatley & The Italian Stallion
  • Promo with Ric Flair
  • Thunderbolt Patterson vs. Randy Barber
  • Promo with James J. Dillon
  • VIDEO - Smooth Operator (Buddy Landel and JJ Dillon)
  • Promos with Magnum TA, Dusty Rhodes
  • Khrusher Khrushchev vs. Alan Martin (fans singing National Anthem again)
  • Abdullah the Butcher vs. Mack Jeffers
  • Promo with Tully Blanchard with Babydoll
  • Tully Blanchard vs. Jim Jeffers
  • Promo with Ole and Arn Anderson