Marco Duarte

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Vital Statistics

Wrestler Name: Marco Duarte

Birthday: August 5, 1950

Hometown: San Salvador, El Salvador

Marital Status: Divorced

Alignment: Heel

Height: 6'

Weight: 204

Theme Music: “Bolero” by Maurice Ravel

Wrestling Debut: October 14, 1965 (San Salvador)

MVW Debut: March 5, 1981

Debut Opp: Mr. Tennessee

Last Match: August 5, 2000

Last Opp: Mr. Mississippi

Style: Top Notch Brawler

Finishing Move: South of the Border (Russian leg sweep)

Favorite Moves:


Notable Feuds:

Image: Heavy Metal

Personal History

Marco Duarte was born to unknown parents on August 5, 1950 in San Salvador, El Salvador. He grew up in an orphanage in the slums of the capital city. He fought his way through childhood until he received a chance to make some money doing some fights with the El Salvador office of the National Wrestling Alliance at the age of fifteen.

He won the El Salvador National Heavyweight Title for the first time when he was 18. He was quickly beaten for the title again. He held the title for the ninth time when he came to the MVW. He moved from San Salvador to Tupelo in order to better his wrestling career. He wanted his rightful shot at Harley Race for the NWA World Heavyweight Title. In El Salvador, he was always overlooked. He finally received his shot on October 26, 1982 against Ric Flair in San Salvador. He wrestled in the MVW and World Wrestling Council at the same time. However, due to his strong Catholic beliefs, Marco also refuses to wrestle on Sundays.

Marco made quick friends with Wesley Fierros once he moved to Tupelo. Wesley helped him gain his American citizenship in 1994. After retiring from the ring in 2000, Marco wandered around for a while. He eventually moved to Arizona in 2008 where he has fought for the rights of illegal immigrants and for equal rights for all Hispanics in general in this troubled border state.

Title History

Title#Won FromLost To
El Salvador National Heavyweight Title1El Santo
(December 11, 1968)
El Santo
(January 3, 1969)
El Salvador National Heavyweight Title2
El Salvador National Heavyweight Title3
El Salvador National Heavyweight Title4
El Salvador National Heavyweight Title5
El Salvador National Heavyweight Title6
El Salvador National Heavyweight Title7
El Salvador National Heavyweight Title8
El Salvador National Heavyweight Title9El Negro
(March 6, 1980)
El Satanico
(August 27, 1982)
City of Somerville Heavyweight Title1L.A.W.Mr. Remington
(September 27, 1981)