March 9, 1985

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American Wrestling Association

  • Kendo Nagasaki vs Mike Richards
  • Rick Martel (World champion) vs Tony Leone
  • The Masked Superstar & King Tonga (Haku) vs Rick Gantner & Brad Rheinghans
  • Nord The Barbarian vs Jake "The Milkman" Milliman
  • Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin vs Baron Von Raschke

NWA WorldWide (JCP)

  • Krusher Kruschev vs Mark Fleming
  • Statement from NWA President Bob Geigel about Wahoo's request for an Indian Strap match against Ric Flair for the World Heavyweight Title
  • Video of Ric Flair and Wahoo McDaniel's brawl with Tully and Baby Doll also involved
  • Update for Silver Star '85 ... Ric Flair vs Wahoo McDaniel no-DQ for the World Title ... Tully vs Dusty for TV Title with Baby Doll suspended above the ring ... Promo from Ric Flair
  • Six-Man Tag Team Match: Magnum T.A., Dick Slater & Buzz Tyler vs Golden Terror, Doug Vines & Joel Deaton
  • Promos with Paul Jones & Billy Graham, Ivan Koloff & Krusher Kruschev, Tully Blanchard & Baby Doll
  • Arn Anderson vs Sam Houston
  • Video of Dusty Rhodes slapping Baby Doll from last week
  • Promo with Tully Blanchard & Baby Doll
  • Billy Graham vs Frank Lang
  • Promo with Dick Slater
  • Great Kabuki vs Mike Beaver
  • Promos with Jimmy Valiant, Magnum T.A., Dusty Rhodes
  • Buddy Landell vs Keith Larson
  • Promo with Arn Anderson

Memphis Wrestling

  • Promo with Tux Newman
  • Steve Constant & Tim Ashley vs Jesse Owens & David Johnson
  • Promo from Jerry Bryant & Eddie Gilbert
  • Fabulous Ones (Southern Tag champions) vs Invader & Lou Winston
  • Jerry Lawler vs Mad Dog
  • Interns vs Ken Raper & Kenny Haskins
  • Promo with Steve Constant & Tim Ashley, Jerry Lawler, Gilbert's Army
  • Eight-Man Tag Team: Lanny Poffo, Joe Lightfoot & Batten Twins vs Playboy Frazier, Jerry Bryant, Mr. Wrestling & Eddie Gilbert
  • Video of Jerry Lawler