March 30, 1985

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NWA Worldwide

  • Billy Graham vs Steve Casey
  • Manny Fernandez vs Arn Anderson
  • Promos with Arn Anderson, Ivan & Nikita Koloff
  • Videos of Wahoo McDaniel & Tully Blanchard jumping Ric Flair and Magnum T.A.'s ultra-quick matches
  • United States Heavyweight Title Cage Match: Wahoo McDaniel (c) vs Magnum T.A.
  • Promos from Pistol Pez Whatley, Manny Fernandez (during match)
  • Promo with Magnum T.A. (new United State Heavyweight champion), Dusty Rhodes, Don Kernodle, Tommy Young, Manny Fernandez, Pistol Pez Whatley (basically the entire locker room)

United States Heavyweight Title Match

Steel Cage Match

Wahoo McDaniel (c) vs Magnum T.A.