March 25, 1984

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World Class Championship Wrestling

Current Champions:

  • American Heavyweight champion: Chris Adams
  • American Tag Team champions: Super Destroyers
  • Texas Heavyweight champion: VACANT (David von Erich's death)
  • Iceman King Parsons & Chris Adams vs Jimmy Garvin & Missing Link: joined in progress. Good match between these two teams. As Marc Lowrance says in the commentary, not sure what business Garvin had with Akbar.
  • Interview with Fritz von Erich concerning David's World Heavyweight Title shot with Ric Flair since he has sadly died. Fritz announces that Flair will defend the title in Texas Stadium on May 6 against either Kevin or Kerry. Also announced the building of the David von Erich Memorial Gym at Temple Baptist Church in Lewisville, TX.
  • Kelly Kiniski vs Mike Reed: Kiniski shows what he learned from his father, Gene Kiniski.
  • Chris Adams vs Buddy Roberts: Very even match that showed why these two were two of the greatest upper midcarders in World Class.
  • Kerry von Erich & Iceman King Parsons vs Super Destroyers: The match is fairly even until pandemonium breaks out at the end for a crazy finish.