March 10, 1982

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3587. Delta Tag Team Titles Match: Witch Doctors (w/ Alexander Sovain) vs Sensational Excellence (w/ Amy Andrews)

Alexander Sovain comes out with the Witch Doctors as their manager. Sovain gets involved several times in the match, prompting Amy to get involved as well. Sovain proved the better of the two as he tosses Amy into the ringside crowd to distract Xavier so that he could shove Seth off the turnbuckle.
Decision: Witch Doctors NEW CHAMPIONS

3586. Helena Handbasket vs Amy Andrews

Decision: Amy Andrews

3585. L.A.W. vs Marco Duarte

Decision: Marco Duarte

3584. Jeff Lindberg vs Tommy Thompson

Decision: Tommy Thompson

3583. Andrew Adams vs Ashley Longworth IV

Decision: Andrew Adams

3582. Andrew Adams vs Herb N. Legend (w/ Old Wife)

Arnold comes out at the beginning of the card and calls Andrew out to sign his new contract. Andrew reluctantly signs the contract after Arnold lists out the stipulations, including the requirement to defeat every MVW wrestler within one year.
Decision: Andrew Adams