June 8, 1985

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  • Video including Jay Youngblood, Kareem Muhammad, Bruiser Brody, Fabulous Ones, Sheepherders
  • Highlights from Loser Leave Town Southern Heavyweight Title Match: Jerry Lawler vs Randy Savage
  • Highlights from Kareem Muhammad tearing up Jay Youngblood's tribal headdress during Youngblood's match with Jerry Bryant
  • Jerry Bryant vs Jay Youngblood
  • Promo with Kareem Muhammad
  • Promo for the Wrestling Hotline (How long did that last?)
  • Promo with Jerry Lawler
  • David Haskins vs Ron Sexton
  • Highlights of Stan Lane vs Ron Sexton that breaks out into a brawl that led to interference in the following week's matches at Mid-South Coliseum
  • Promos with Steve Keirn, Buddy Wayne & Billy Travis & Ron Sexton, Tux Newman
  • Mexican Angel vs Tracey Smothers
  • David Johnson vs Rip Morgan

NWA Southeastern

The last episode of Southeastern Championship Wrestling before the name was changed to Continental Championship Wrestling.

  • Promo with Ron Fuller & Flame
  • Steve Stuggs & Chris Jarvis vs Rat Patrol (Steve Armstrong & Johnny Rich)
  • Promos with Nightmares, Nightmares & Bill Ash
  • Boomer H. Lynch vs Al Scott
  • Boomer H. Lynch vs Porkchop Cash
  • Promos with Bob Armstrong & Lord Humongous, Ric Flair, Ron Fuller
  • Tommy Crosby vs Scott Armstrong
  • Promos with Bob Armstrong with video of Bob Armstrong unmasking the Flame, Boomer H. Lynch & Jimmy Golden, Austin Idol
  • Lynn Burt vs Lord Humongous
  • Promos with Bob Armstrong & Lord Humongous, Ron Fuller, Ric Flair


  • Interview- Magnum TA
  • Manny vs. George South
  • Interview- Manny Fernandez
  • Magnum TA vs. Mike Simani
  • Interview- Dusty Rhodes
  • Tully Blanchard vs. Mark Hawk (Rhodes comes in and Tully attacks)
  • Interview- Ric Flair
  • Buzz Sawyer vs. Joel Deaton
  • Arn Anderson vs. Larry Clarke
  • Interview- Arn Anderson (Brett Sawyer interrupts and Arn kicks him in the head like an NFL kicker-BRUTAL)
  • Interview- Ivan & Nikita Koloff
  • Nikita Koloff vs. Rocky King
  • Ron Garvin vs. Black Bart (Nat'l Title...loser leaves TBS....great match)
  • Interview- Ivan Koloff
  • Dick Slater vs. Paul Garner
  • Interview-Dusty Rhodes
  • Interview- Black Bart
  • Pez Whatley, TBolt Patterson & Itallian Stallion vs. Rock N' Roll RPM's & Randy Barber
  • Interview- Buzz Sawyer & Dick Slater
  • Abdullah the Butcher vs. Mike Nichols
  • Interview- Tully Blanchard
  • Ivan Koloff vs. The Green Shadow
  • Interview- Arn Anderson
  • Buddy Landell vs. Gerald Finley
  • Interview- Ric Flair