June 30, 1984

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Memphis Wrestling

  • Video of the Rock & Roll Express
  • Randy Savage & Lanny Poffo (w/ Angelo Poffo) vs Scott Shannon & Ken Raper: Randy makes himself available for Lance Russell for color commentary so that his brother can wrestle a handicap match until Lanny can't take care of himself any more. Jimmy Hart comes out to complain about being kidnapped by a masked Jerry Lawler so that he wasn't in Austin Idol's corner for the Monday night match in Memphis. With the distractions, you almost forget that there's a match happening on the screen.
  • Masao Ito vs Jim Jameson: Jimmy Hart comes out to prove he isn't Ito's manager (The Beekeeper). Lawler kidnaps Ito's manager from ringside. Lawler brings out Pat Hutchinson to prove that Jimmy Hart put him up to wearing the "beekeeper" outfit so that Hart to disprove his identity.
  • Promo with Jim Neidhart, Rick Rude and Jimmy Hart
  • New Generation (Johnny Wilhoit & Mark Batten) vs Phil Hickerson & Spoiler
  • Rundown for Louisville Gardens and Scottsburg, IN cards
  • Mike Mashburn vs Rick Rude
  • Video of the Fabulous Ones
  • Six-Man Tag Team Match: Nightmare #1, Giant Frazier & Keith Robertson vs Jerry Lawler, Austin Idol & Dutch Mantell

Mid-South Wrestling Association

This video is primarily concerned with Hacksaw Jim Duggan and his feud with Ted DiBiase.

  • Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Black Ninja (Kendo Nagasaki)
  • Ted DiBiase vs Tim Horner: joined in progress
  • Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Johnny Rich vs Mr. Olympia & Boris Zurkhov
  • Video of Hacksaw Jim Duggan set to Charlie Daniels' "In America"
  • Junk Yard Dog vs Mr. Olympia
  • Mixed Tag Match: Buddy Landell & Wendi Richter vs Lanny Poffo & Princess Victoria
  • Buddy Landell vs Junk Yard Dog
  • Fantastics vs Bob Seagle & Bob Owens