June 3, 1984

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American Wrestling Association

  • Rooster Griffin vs Brad Rheingans
  • Promo with Baron von Raschke and Crusher Liskowski for the upcoming $100,000 Battle Royal
  • Jimmy Doo vs Abdullah the Butcher
  • Promo with Sheik Adnan al-Kaissie concerning Abdullah the Butcher vs Blackjack Mulligan and King Kong Brody vs Mad Dog Vachon
  • Jim Martinez vs David Weissman: Greco-Roman exhibition between defending two-time champions in their weight class as they prepare for the 1984 Summer Olympics. Martinez won the bronze medal in the Lightweight division. Weissman didn't qualify for the Olympics.
  • Promo with the Fabulous Ones on the upcoming battle royal and the match against Bobby Duncum and Roger Kirby
  • Best-of-3 Falls Match: Black Panther & Bruce Deen vs Baron von Raschke & Crusher
  • Promo with the High Flyers about the injuries they sustained from King Kong Brody.
  • Nacho Berrera vs King Kong Brody
  • Promo with Blackjack Lanza about the battle royal and the match for Blackjacks vs Abdullah & Brody. Nick Bockwinkel adds his two cents about the Crusher who he faces earlier in the card.