June 28, 1984

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Mid-South Wrestling Association

  • Promo with Steve Williams and Terry Taylor to present Taylor with the Mid-South Television medal. Buddy Landell comes out to challenge Sonny King.
  • Highlights from the Ghetto Streetfight: Hacksaw Butch Reed vs Junk Yard Dog
  • Wendi Richter vs Princess Victoria
  • Promo with Jim Cornette presenting Wendi Richter with an honorary membership in the Midnight Express. Jim Duggan and the Midnight Express join in the festivities.
  • Pat Rose & Barry Orton vs Fantastics
  • Hacksaw Butch Reed & Krusher Kruschev vs Mark Ragin & Mike Jackson
  • Sonny King vs Mr. Wrestling II (taking Buddy Landell's place who injured his arm backstage during the show)
  • Handicap Match: Ernie Ladd vs Bob Owens & Ed Seagle