June 26, 1983

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American Wrestling Association

Current champions:

  • World Heavyweight champion: Nick Bockwinkel
  • World Tag Team champions: East-West Connection (Adrian Adonis & Jesse Ventura)
  • World Light Heavyweight champion: Buck Zumhofe (defeated Mike Graham the week before)
  • Black Panther vs Brad Rheingans: Basic warmup match for Rheingans. Panther had his moment, but it wasn't meant to be. When it goes to a second fall, that was a surprise.

The promos between matches talk about the upcoming NWA Missouri Heavyweight Title tournament in St. Louis on July 15. (Spoiler: Ric Flair defeats David von Erich in the tournament final.)

  • Sheik Blackwell vs Steve Olsonoski: Joined in progress. Pretty much all Blackwell in this match. Steve O had a chance until Sheik Adnan al-Kaissie distracts him.
  • Greg Gagne vs Adrian Adonis: Joined in progress. Half of the current World Tag Team champions vs half of the former champions. Don't know if I've ever seen anyone crotched on the middle rope before.
  • Macho Barrera & Curtis Dean vs Hulk Hogan: Handicap match, tauted at 340 pounds, where Hogan must pin both men to win. The clip from Rocky III was a bit much.
  • Mark Land vs Ken Patera: Easy squash match.