June 23, 1984

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Memphis Wrestling

  • Promos from Jimmy Hart complaining about the International Heavyweight Title match later on the program. Porkchop Cash announces his departure from the First Family after a dream from his deceased mother.
  • Porkchop Cash vs Jim Jameson
  • Footage of the Fabulous Ones
  • Promos from Tommy Rich & Eddie Gilbert, Austin Idol & Jimmy Hart about the matches coming up in Louisville
  • Footage of Masao Ito, the Oriental Connection
  • International Heavyweight Title Match: Austin Idol (c) vs Oriental Connection: The belt changed hands on a countout??
  • Footage from the aftermatch of Jerry Lawler vs Rick Rude at the Mid-South Coliseum followed by words from Rick Rude
  • Promo with Jerry Lawler, Austin Idol and Dutch Mantell
  • P.Y.T. Express vs Dutch Mantell & Paul Hutchinson: Phil Hickerson and Spoiler come out to "help" with the color commentary.

World Wrestling Federation

  • Dan Green vs Sgt. Slaughter
  • WWF Update with footage of Jimmy Snuka's entrance into a match in St. Louis
  • World Tag Team Titles Best-of-3 Falls Match: East-West Connection vs Wild Samoans: Joined in progress in the first fall.
  • Jose Luis Rivera vs Buzz Sawyer
  • Promo with Roddy Piper and Cindy Lauper
  • Greg Valentine vs Tito Santana
  • Rocky Johnson vs Steve Lombardi