June 22, 1985

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  • United States Jr. Heavyweight Title Match: Scott Armstrong (c) vs Bill Ash
  • Video of Austin Idol
  • Promos from Bill Ash, Jimmy Golden, Austin Idol
  • Southeastern Tag Team Titles Match: Nightmares (c) vs Tommy Rich & Steve Armstrong
  • Promos from Bob Armstrong, Porkchop Cash, Lord Humongous, Boomer Lynch, Dr. Johnny Peeble & Great Kaiser (during match)
  • Promos from Scott & Steve Armstrong, Nightmares, Bob Armstrong (videos from Bob Armstrong/Lord Humongous-Ric Flair/Tennessee Stud match and special training session with the Flame)
  • Lord Humongous vs Paul Brown
  • Promo from Ron Fuller & Flame


Arena Show

  • The Sheepherders vs. Bart & Brad Batten
  • Ron Sexton & Billy Travis vs. Tracy Smothers & Speedy Tall Tree
  • The Fabulous Ones vs. Bruiser Brody & Mr. Kareem Muhammad
  • Southern Tag Titles: The Pretty Young Things (c) vs. Jerry Oske & Tojo Yamamoto
  • Tom Branch promo
  • Southern Heavyweight Title: Jerry Lawler (c) vs. Bruiser Brody

Studio Show

  • Promo from Sheepherders
  • Bill Smithson & Terry Adonis vs Tojo Yamamoto & Jerry Jarrett
  • Promos from Leslie Floyd Creatchman III, Jerry Lawler, Fabulous Ones
  • Southern Tag Team Titles Match: Fabulous Ones (c) vs Sheepherders
  • Les Freeman & Gino de la Serra vs Billy Travis & Ron Sexton
  • Promo from Stan Lane (Jackie Fargo replacing injured Keirn Monday night)
  • P.Y.T. Express vs Hudson & Johnny Rich
  • Jay Youngblood & Jerry Oske vs Phil Hickerson & Spoiler