July 23, 1983

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World Class Championship Wrestling

Sky Sports began showing the History of World Class Championship Wrestling with Michael Hayes and Kevin von Erich hosting the shows.

Champions at the time:

  • American Heavyweight champion: Kevin von Erich
  • American Tag Team champions: Kerry von Erich & Bruiser Brody
  • Texas Heavyweight champion: David von Erich (8th and final reign)
  • World Six-Man Tag Team champions: Kevin, Kerry & David Von Erich (sensing a theme?)
  • Mexican Women's Title Match: Lola Gonzales (c) vs Vicki Carranza: Replay from the previous Star Wars at Reunion Arena. Fairly even match between these two women. The winning rollup shows this evenness.

Of all the great vingettes that World Class did throughout its history, the "Valet for a Day" vingette was definitely the greatest.

  • Johnny Mantell vs Michael Hayes: Mantell had a good showing in the match. He wasn't quite the caliber of wrestler his brother Ken was, but he had his moments throughout his career.
  • Chris Adams vs Terry Gordy: Despite giving up a good deal of weight, Adams showed why he was one of the best non-Von Erichs to enter the ring in World Class.
  • Bruiser Brody vs Buddy Roberts: After Roberts lost a hair-vs-hair match to Iceman King Parsons, he wore boxing gear to keep the wig secured on his head. Parsons put a $500 bounty for anyone who could prove Roberts' baldness. Brody spends most of the match trying to take it off instead of actually trying to win the match.

Ric Flair vs Kevin von Erich

NWA World Heavyweight Title Match

Ric Flair (c) vs Kevin von Erich

This match was one of the great matches in World Class history. One of the many times where decisions were reversed so that the World Heavyweight Title wouldn't be held up.