July 21, 1984

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Central States Wrestling

Overall sound quality is not the greatest, but it doesn't affect watching the video too much.

  • M.E.B. vs Dave Petersen
  • Promo with Sheik Abdullah the Great alongside Skandar Akbar
  • Video of Jimmy Valiant
  • Crusher Blackwell vs Buzz Tyler
  • Six-Man Tag Team Match: Wahoo McDaniel (U.S. Heavyweight champion) & Uptown Boys (Central States Tag champions) vs Ted Oates (Central States Heavyweight champion) & Grapplers (former Central States Tag champions)

Championship Wrestling from Florida

  • Billy Graham (Florida Heavyweight champion) vs Shotgun Willie
  • Promos with Chief Joe Lightfoot, Sir Oliver Humperdink & Superstar Billy Graham ("Florida State champion of the world")
  • The Saint vs Denny Brown
  • Promo with the One Man Gang
  • Hector & Chavo Guerrero (U.S. Tag champions) vs Scott McGhee & Chief Joe Lightfoot
  • Promo with Barry Windham featuring highlights from the Barry Windham-Dick Slater I Quit match
  • Southern Heavyweight Title Match: Angelo Mosca (c) vs Tommy Wright
  • Promos with Barry Windham, Kevin Sullivan, Sir Oliver Humperdink, Superstar Billy Graham & Ron Bass, One Man Gang about that night's card
  • Kevin Sullivan vs Mike Deaver
  • Take Five with the Saint and Sir Oliver Humperdink
  • Mike Rotundo & Billy Jack vs Cowboy Ron Bass & Black Bart